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Chris Gaynor took a LOT of great pictures during his tour, Which like many of us, started with a boat ride. <hr color=red width=100%> <center><h3>These pictures are copyrighted Christopher B. Gaynor, 2009</center> You may feel free to download them for PERSONAL, non-commercial use only.</h3> <hr color=red width=100%> A ride with the 9th Inf. Div as a 1/84th FA troop. In may, he transferred over to 2/77 as part of the USARV's Foreign Exchange Student program to integrate seasoned troops with "Cherries" so there would be NO 100% Green units. The 1/84th was an interesting unit. It had for one thing, an old - style 155mm towed howitzer in at least one of his batteries. For some reason, like many units in the 4th Division - Their first In country duty was at and out of "Bearcat." <br> Most of this first page will show some of his experiences with the boat, Okinawa stop over and Bearcat stuff. But they are still memories for some of you, too, sort of. <br> Brothers, this one is a BIG one! I think at last count, there were something approaching 400 pics in it. So - It will be an ongoing process for a while, with some of them added at a time, because I have other projects I'm working on also. Including 180+ pics donated by former B Battery "Boat Trooper" Ken Klauser. So - check back in once in a while, and see what's New. <hr color=red width=100%> Also, MANY of these troopers, we do NOT REMEMBER their names, and we would appreciate it if YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, or KNOW/RECOGNIZE any of them, you would contact me by E-mail. Our goal of course for ALL these pictures on ALL OF THESE ALBUMS - is to eventually have ALL our BROTHERS IN ARMS identified, which of course makes the history more complete, and thus, more dynamic for us all! So, please do your best not to just CRUISE OR SKIM - PARTICULARLY if you were in HHB,FROM 1967 - 1968. <hr color=red width=1oo%> And of course, a Very Grateful THANK YOU to brother Christopher Gaynor for these mostly great shots. Some are gooder than others, but with a lot going on, and not great lighting circumstances sometimes, He did a FANTASTIC job all things considered. <hr color=red width=100%> <b>As a Special note - Sgt. Chris wants to give a VERY SPECIAL Thanks to Eagle Scout Tanner Means of Vashon, WA. For putting these shots on disc for him AND making him a great slide show complete with 60's music! SO, From Sgt. Chris, Sgt. Mikie, and on behalf of ALL the 2/77FA Troops - THANKS for preserving a valuable part of our History for him and us! The same goes for Chris' Assistant, Nathan, who helped him learn to increase the quality of the shots by teaching him some of his graphic arts tricks! Thanks to both! <hr color=red width=100%> <H3><CENTER>|<a href="ftlewisalbum.html">Ft. Lewis</a> | <a href="boatalbum.html">The Cruise</a> | <a href="bearcatalbum.html">Bear Cat</a> | <a href="convoyalbum.html">Convoy to Dau - Tieng</a> | <a href="dautiengalbum.html">Building Dau - Tieng</a> |<BR> <a href="genericcombatartyopns.html">General, Arty OPS</a> |<a href="souitrealbum.html">Battle of Soui - Tre</a> |<a href="warriorssouitrealbum.html"> A/2/12Inf. Warriors on SouiTre</a> | <a href="burtalbum.html">FSB BURT</a> | <hr color=red> <center> <a href="a212safarialbum.html">Alpha 2/12 Viet Safari Photos</a> |<a href="tet68album.html">Tet @ Dau - Tieng</a> | <a href="index.html">HOME</A> | <a href="lifeforfoteam.html">Life as an FO's Rto</a> |<BR> <b>|<a href="whoarethey.html">Who are these Guys? </a>| <a href="alphaalbum.html">Alpha Battery Album '68</a> | <A HREF="a212homealbum.html">A/2/12Inf. @ Home</A> | <hr color=red> | <A HREF="STONEALBUM.html">A/2/12 "Thunder Road Mission"</a> | <A HREF="uptight70.html">Uptight 2/77FA & Cambodia '70</a> | <hr color=red> <P><center>| <a href="sgtchrisalbum.html" target="righttarget">Page 1</a> | <a href="sgtchrisalbum2.html" target="righttarget">Page 2 </a>|</center> <TABLE BORDER=2 ALIGN=CENTER> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <a href="shipboard3.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard3_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>This is the Ship Chris came over on.<BR>Seen one, pretty much seen 'em all, right?<br>This one is the U.S.S Gieger</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="shipboard1.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard1_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Some of the troopies 'Layin up.'</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="shipboard2.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard2_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Little bit of millin around goin on there</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="shipboard4.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard4_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>More troops. I don't remember a big square hole<BR>Like that on the Boat I came over on.</b></SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="shipboard5.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard5_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Watchin another boat<b></b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="shipboard6.jpg"><IMG SRC="shipboard6_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>See the choppers right of center?</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="scan0002_2_pfc_gaynor_okinawa_jan67.jpg"><IMG SRC="scan0002_2_pfc_gaynor_okinawa_jan67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>This is Pfc. Gaynor checkin out the sights of Okinawa</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="scan0003_convoy_vungtau_bearcat_jan67.jpg"><IMG SRC="scan0003_convoy_vungtau_bearcat_jan67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>A shot of the convoy from Vung Tau to Bearcat</b></SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chris_bearcat_convoy1.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_bearcat_convoy1_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>From a truck in the VT - Bearcat convoy</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chris_bearcat_convoy2.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_bearcat_convoy2_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>More convoy scenery</b> </SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chris_bearcat_convoy3.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_bearcat_convoy3_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>That's what I call a lot of trucks<br>in not a lot of space</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="9div_bearcatphoto_21.jpg"><IMG SRC="9div_bearcatphoto_21_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Bunch of 9th Div. Troopies takin a truck ride.</b></SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="100_d22_rttrig_berct_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="100_d22_rttrig_berct_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Here's The RATT Rig Chris worked in at Bearcat</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bercat_msg_ctr.jpg"><IMG SRC="bercat_msg_ctr_sm.jpg"><BR></A><b>Here's the Message Center at Bearcat<br>The Troops are:l to r Venscus(sp?), Lynch and Chris' good friend MSgt Clyde Rainey </b><SMALL></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="beer_run_bearcat.jpg"><IMG SRC="beer_run_bearcat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>A truck on a beer run, Bearcat again.</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bearcat_sandbagdollies_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="bearcat_sandbagdollies_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Troops workin the sandbag Dollies, Bearcat</b></SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bearcat_airstrip1_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="bearcat_airstrip1_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>A shot of the Bearcat airstrip.</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bearcat_airstrip2_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="bearcat_airstrip2_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Another Air Strip shot, BC</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bearcat_airstrip3_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="bearcat_airstrip3_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Another One. </b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="unknowntroop_bearcat.jpg"><IMG SRC="unknowntroop_bearcat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><b>We don't know who this trooper is. Do you? Bearcat</b><SMALL></SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="workin_the_sandbagdollies.jpg"><IMG SRC="workin_the_sandbagdollies_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL><b>Another troop supervising the Dollies</b></SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="091_lynch_cork_berct_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="091_lynch_cork_berct_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>These are 2 of Chris' friends at Bearcat<br>Lynch and Cork</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="099_1-84fa_155mmT_berct_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="099_1-84fa_155mmT_berct_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>This the 1/84th FA, 155MM Towed at Bearcat</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="155mm_howitzer_towed.jpg"><IMG SRC="155mm_howitzer_towed_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Close up of one of their howitzers</SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="mowhwks_berct_airstrp_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="mowhwks_berct_airstrp_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Mowhawk Reconaisance planes, Bearcat apr 67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="mowhwks_bercat_airstrp_apr67_2.jpg"><IMG SRC="mowhwks_bercat_airstrp_apr67_2_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>More mohawks</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bercat_troop_withsandbag.jpg"><IMG SRC="bercat_troop_withsandbag_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A bearcat troop helpin with sandbaggin</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="basecamp_somwhr.jpg"><IMG SRC="basecamp_somwhr_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Probably a shot of BearCat Base Camp</SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="berct_sign_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="berct_sign_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A sign above road at Bearcat</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="lookslike_bearcat_67.jpg"><IMG SRC="lookslike_bearcat_67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Looks like a Billeting Area Bearcat</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="has_thatbercat_look.jpg"><IMG SRC="has_thatbercat_look_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A bunch of troopies on a ride Bearcat</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="more_dollies_bercat.jpg"><IMG SRC="more_dollies_bercat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another shot of the "Dollies" helpin build Bearcat</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="pitchn_shoes_berct.jpg"><IMG SRC="pitchn_shoes_berct_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Pitchin Horeshoes Bearcat. I used to be pretty good at that</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="somewhr_at_bercat.jpg"><IMG SRC="somewhr_at_bercat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another Bearcat shot</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="vtr_thru_gate_bercat.jpg"><IMG SRC="vtr_thru_gate_bercat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Probably taken from the Message Center of a VTR</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="grp_cariboo.jpg"><IMG SRC="grp_cariboo_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A Group of Caribou (C-123's) Bearcat Airstrip</SMALL> </td> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chinook_trailr_opn_near_bearcat_apr67.jpg"><IMG SRC="chinook_trailr_opn_near_bearcat_apr67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Chinook on opreation near Bear Cat<br>Apr. '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="9div_sgtham_spidey.jpg"><IMG SRC="9div_sgtham_spidey_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Bearcat. Sgt. Ham and his pet Spidey</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="9div_bearcatphoto_21.jpg"><IMG SRC="9div_bearcatphoto_21_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another group Troops riding</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chris_dollies_bercat.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_dollies_bercat_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Chris gettin to know the Dollies</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="Scan0046_gorgeous_civ_wrkrs_duk.jpg"><IMG SRC="Scan0046_gorgeous_civ_wrkrs_duk_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>More of Bearcat's Gorgeous Civilian Workforce</SMALL> </TD> <td align="center"> <a href="mama_smily_san.jpg"><img src="mama_smily_san_sm.jpg"><br></a><small>Smily 'Ol Mamma San</small> </td> <td align="center"> <a href="no_pictur_me.jpg"><img src="no_pictur_me_sm.jpg"><br></a><small>One last shot of the Dollies</small> </td> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="loadin_caribou_bearcat_may67.jpg"><IMG SRC="loadin_caribou_bearcat_may67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>May '67 - Probably taken just before Chris boarded for his flight to DT</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="rescans001.jpg"><IMG SRC="rescans001_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Apr '67 - A re-discovered shot of a RATT<BR>in Rig.</SMALL> </TD> </tr> </Table> <hr color=red> <br> <center>That I believe is all of the Boat/BearCat Shots</center> <center>Next will be Shots taken at DT, Except Convoy Shots</center> <center>They will be in the Field/Operations Section</center> <br> <hr color=red> <table> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="082_btry_st_dt_dec67.jpg"><IMG SRC="082_btry_st_dt_dec67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A shot of the Battery Street at DT</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="090_paul_doute_dt_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="090_paul_doute_dt_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Sgt. Paul Doute, RTT - DT '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="092_georg_calvrt_rig_dt_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="092_georg_calvrt_rig_dt_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>George Calvert, RTT - With one of our Rigs, DT '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="096_c130_dtairstrip_nov67.jpg"><IMG SRC="096_c130_dtairstrip_nov67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>DT - "C - 130 Rollin Down the Strip" '67</SMALL></TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="105_sam_maniac_mnky_fntseat_dt_sep67.jpg"><IMG SRC="105_sam_maniac_mnky_fntseat_dt_sep67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>DT - Sep '67 Sgt. German's Maniac Pet Monkey</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="al_powersdt_jan68.jpg"><IMG SRC="al_powersdt_jan68_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Al Powers, at DT. I believe he was in Commo Platoon</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="baseball_DT.jpg"><IMG SRC="baseball_DT_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>During Rare "Down Time" Playing baseball, DT</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="baseball_DT_mummybattin.jpg"><IMG SRC="baseball_DT_mummybattin_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>DT World Series - "Mummy Battin"</SMALL></TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="batteryfeast.jpg"><IMG SRC="batteryfeast_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Thanksgiving Feast for the "At Home" HHB, 2/77</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="Bettr_hootches_and_gardens_focusstyle.jpg"><IMG SRC="Bettr_hootches_and_gardens_focusstyle_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Better Homes and Gardens, Focus Arty Style!</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="Blackandwhite_0006_perimtr_bnkr_puk_duk.jpg"><IMG SRC="Blackandwhite_0006_perimtr_bnkr_puk_duk_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A Perimeter Bunker</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="Blackandwhite_0008_clsup_permtr_bnkr_puk_duk.jpg"><IMG SRC="Blackandwhite_0008_clsup_permtr_bnkr_puk_duk_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Different shot of a bunker</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="box2_infield0034_E_lkng_outof_bnkr_whr_whn.jpg"><IMG SRC="box2_infield0034_E_lkng_outof_bnkr_whr_whn_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Looking at another Building from a bunker</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="095_sp4_pectol_dt_nov67.jpg"><IMG SRC="095_sp4_pectol_dt_nov67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>SP/4 Mikie New Camera Fun, Nov. '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="BobPederson.jpg"><IMG SRC="BobPederson_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Bob Pederson with a 75 or 90mm Recoiless Rifle, I believe.</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="BOX3_002_hq_bldgs_dt_mebbe_whn.jpg"><IMG SRC="BOX3_002_hq_bldgs_dt_mebbe_whn_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Some of the Headquarters Buildings at DT</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="Box3_057.jpg"><IMG SRC="Box3_057_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Looking from one of the hootches towards HQ. </SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="Blackandwhite_0009_guyinhootch_puk_duk.jpg"><IMG SRC="Blackandwhite_0009_guyinhootch_puk_duk_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another inside shot of a hootch</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="delong_mitchell_pass_nov67.jpg"><IMG SRC="delong_mitchell_pass_nov67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Delong, Mitchell and Pass. Christmas decorations there, too</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bunker_between_hootches.jpg"><IMG SRC="bunker_between_hootches_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another Shot of a Hootch Bunker</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="da_puppydog_puk_duk.jpg"><IMG SRC="da_puppydog_puk_duk_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>I'm told this was the section Puppy. Wish I remembered the cute little bugger!</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="delong_stdng_powers_sitng_feb68.jpg"><IMG SRC="delong_stdng_powers_sitng_feb68_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>DT - Feb '68. Delong standing, Powers sitting at Focus Switchboard room</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="dt_hq_bldg_may67.jpg"><IMG SRC="dt_hq_bldg_may67_sm.jpg"><BR></A>DT - A May '67 Angle of the HQ Buildings<SMALL></SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="dt_laundry_and_cutie_nov67.jpg"><IMG SRC="dt_laundry_and_cutie_nov67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>The DT Laundry, and one of the Cuties that worked there</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="georgechillininhootch.jpg"><IMG SRC="georgechillininhootch_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>This is George Chillin in our hootch. Or one of them.</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="image_61.jpg"><IMG SRC="image_61_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>At the messhall. <br> I think Powers is at the door, and SP4 Pederson in line<br> withthe others is looking at camera.</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="image_79.jpg"><IMG SRC="image_79_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>This is Chris Gaynor.I think first arriving at DT - May 67.</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="img156.jpg"><IMG SRC="img156_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>I think this is Bob Pederson in the hootch</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="possibly_tailorshop_dt_nov67.jpg"><IMG SRC="possibly_tailorshop_dt_nov67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Tailor Shop or laundry, nov '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="pups_dk_where_dk_whn.jpg"><IMG SRC="pups_dk_where_dk_whn_sm.jpg"><BR></A>Couple Pups gettin in some playtime<SMALL></SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="089_dt_jun67.jpg.jpg"><IMG SRC="089_dt_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Sittin on the stoop, DT Style '67<br>I think this is also Sgt. Doute</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="092_georg_calvrt_rig_dt_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="092_georg_calvrt_rig_dt_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>George Standing by Rig DT Jun '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="threeofthecrew.jpg"><IMG SRC="threeofthecrew_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>George, "Mummy" and Who? DT '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="germanswbdtdec67.jpg"><IMG SRC="germanswbdtdec67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>My buddy, Sgt. German, DT Dec '67<br> He's by the cubby hole that housed the Switchboard</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="chris_12evac_hosp_cuchi_vis_fred.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_12evac_hosp_cuchi_vis_fred_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>In Dec '67, Fred was wounded. My buddy Sgt. Chris<br>went to visit him at 12 EVAC Hosp. in Cu-Chi</SMALL></TD> </tr> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="Fred_DeLong.jpg"><IMG SRC="Fred_DeLong_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Fred Recuperating in 12th EVAC, Cu-Chi Dec. '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="someof_fredswnds_dec_67.jpg"><IMG SRC="someof_fredswnds_dec_67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Fred Displaying some of his wounds DT Dec. '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="viet_civilian_worker_dt_nov67_maybe.jpg"><IMG SRC="viet_civilian_worker_dt_nov67_maybe_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A Viet Civilian worker DT Nov. '67</SMALL></TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="sam_manic_mky_dt_sep67.jpg"><IMG SRC="sam_manic_mky_dt_sep67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Here's another shot of that Maniac Monkey of German's</SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <td align="center><a href="Blackandwhite_0002_322inf_troop_maybe.jpg"><img src="Blackandwhite_0002_322inf_troop_maybe_sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Just found this one accidentally mis-located. A 3/22 Inf. Trooper warmin a jeep hood in the Motor Pool, DT Base.</small></td> </tr> </table> <hr color=red> <br> <center>That I believe is all of the DT Base Camp Shots</center> <center>Next will be Shots on Convoys, and Operations</center> <center>When known, They will be in Order of Date, starting in May '67</center> <br> <hr color=red> <table> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="3quarter_inconvoymay67.png"><IMG SRC="3quarter_inconvoymay67-sm.png"><BR></A><SMALL>One of the 3/4 Tons in convoy, May '67<br> We were still part of the 4th Div. then. I didn't arrive till 5 July. </SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="gaynor_tayninh_jun67.png"><IMG SRC="gaynor_tayninh_jun67-sm.png"><BR></A><SMALL>This is a profile of Chris in Jun 67, showing the Tay Ninh area Landscape.</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="1st_breakdown_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="1st_breakdown_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Don't know what kind of breakdown it was, <br>But this is the first one Chris experienced. Got an escort this time. good deal. Jun 67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="077_mulskinr_doorgunr_jun67.png"><IMG SRC="077_mulskinr_doorgunr_jun67-sm.png"><BR></A><SMALL>Airmobile Operation to Tay Ninh Area. <br> A muleskinner doorgunner and a troop sittin by him. Jun 67</SMALL> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="AIRMBILE_FA_TAYNIN_JUN67.png"><IMG SRC="AIRMBILE_FA_TAYNIN_JUN67-sm.png"><BR></A><SMALL>Airmobile operations - Tay Ninh Area Jun 67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="079_hueyride_jun67.png"><IMG SRC="079_hueyride_jun67-sm.png"><BR></A><SMALL>A huey ride in Jun 67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="080_airmble_tralr_taynin_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="080_airmble_tralr_taynin_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A Trailer gettin ready to go Arimobile<hr>Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="093_sp4_chris_cnvy_dt_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="093_sp4_chris_cnvy_dt_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>SP/4 Chris Gaynor, Convoy forming up<br>At DT Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="101_fsb_s_of_tayninh_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="101_fsb_s_of_tayninh_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Settin up a FSB, S. of Tay Ninh<br>Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="103_fire_missn_s_of_taynin_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="103_fire_missn_s_of_taynin_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>The Guns 'workin' S. of Tay Ninh<br>Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="104_fire_missn_s_taynin_ch47_upr_r_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="104_fire_missn_s_taynin_ch47_upr_r_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Same Gun team, different angle<br>Upper right, see the Muleskinner?</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="109_gaynor_sittg_bnkr_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="109_gaynor_sittg_bnkr_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>SP/4 Chris with M-60, Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="airstrike_after_mortar_attack_Jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="airstrike_after_mortar_attack_Jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>You Can't see the Aircraft<BR>But the cloud in the center<br>is an airstrike beyond perimeter. Jun '67.Post Mortar Attack.</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="black_virgin_fm_huey_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="black_virgin_fm_huey_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>The "Infamous" Black Virgin Mountain. <br>A.K.A. Nui Bha Dhen</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="bluespot_field_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="bluespot_field_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Another FSB,Jun '67. RATT Team's "Office"<br>is almost in the center</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="box2_infield0035_E_trp_ammostck_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="box2_infield0035_E_trp_ammostck_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Whole Big bunches of Ammo. Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="boxwithoutcover082.jpg"><IMG SRC="boxwithoutcover082-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A passing by shot of the Cao-Dai Temple and <br>grounds, outskirts of Tay Ninh,Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="ch54_skycrane_supplies_s_of_taynin_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="ch54_skycrane_supplies_s_of_taynin_jun67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A Ch-54 "Sky Crane" Bringing supplies S. of Tay Ninh, Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="chris_george_mummy_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="chris_george_mummy_jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>L. to R. Mummy, George, Chris Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="cidg_truk_25jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="cidg_truk_25jun67_sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Often, some of the CIDG (Vietnamese National Guard)<br>would come out and visit us at our FSB's. <br>Some of them, no doubt to obtain intel for the Enemy.<br>This is some of them posed on our truck with our "Office" on it. </SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="convoy_near_taynin_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="convoy_near_taynin_jun67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>A shot of a convoy near Tay Ninh, Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="convoy_thru_michelin_plantatin_rt239_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="convoy_thru_michelin_plantatin_rt239_jun67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>From our truck - in convoy through the <br>Michelin Rubber Plantation Jun '67<br>Rt 239 was usually used</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="f100_airstrike_outside_fsb_opn_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="f100_airstrike_outside_fsb_opn_jun67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>An F-100 Airstrike outside the perimeter of <br>one of our FSB's Jun '67</SMALL> </TD> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <A HREF="helo_truk_near_tayninh_jun67.jpg"><IMG SRC="helo_truk_near_tayninh_jun67-sm.jpg"><BR></A><SMALL>Chinook brings a truck to a FSB<br>near Tay Ninh Jun'67</SMALL> </TD> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="hueydoorgunnr_jun67.jpg"><img src="hueydoorgunnr_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small></small>A Huey Door Gunner Jun '67</td> <td><a href="rig_beinglifted_tofsb_jun67.jpg"><img src="rig_beinglifted_tofsb_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>From inside a Muleskinner - looking down<br>at our radio rig slung below</small></td> <td><a href="isthis_burnedout_vill_close_dt_jun67_E.jpg"><img src="isthis_burnedout_vill_close_dt_jun67_E-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Chris thinks this is the notorious village<br> along Rt. 239 that was repeatedly destroyed, due to ambushes<br>or booby traps buried in the road Jun '67</small></td> <td><a href="muleskinnr_leaves_fsb_jun67.jpg"><img src="muleskinnr_leaves_fsb_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Muleskinner leaving or arriving, FSB. with a <br>trailer. Jun'67</small></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="opn_s_taynin_jun67.jpg"><img src="opn_s_taynin_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>An Officer on phone or radio FSB. Jun '67</small></td> <td><a href="resupply_opnnear_taynin_jun67.jpg"><img src="resupply_opnnear_taynin_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>This looks Like an Airmobile move from<br>the Tay Ninh area from the front seat of our truck<br>The load looks like a sling of ammo</small></td> <td><a href="s_of_tayninh_jun67.jpg"><img src="s_of_tayninh_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Locals takin a break to watch the 'show' S. of Tay Ninh. Jun '67</small></td> <td><a href="tayninh_complex_67.jpg"><img src="tayninh_complex_67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Tay Ninh Complex. Looks like through the cargo door of a chinook. Jun '67</small></td> </TR> <TR> <td><a href="tayninh_jun67.jpg"><img src="tayninh_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>Looks like the airstrip at Tay Ninh,and staging. <br>Note the 4th Div. Markings. 2/77 did not join<br> the 25th till Aug. 1, '67</small></td> <td><a href="trailr_tire_trbl_mayb_jun67.jpg"><img src="trailr_tire_trbl_mayb_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>I believe this tire trouble was the <br>second breakdown Chris experienced. On convoy, Jun. '67</small></td> <td><a href="troop_conversation_jun67.jpg"><img src="troop_conversation_jun67-sm.jpg"></a><br><small>This looks like troops gatherin for <br> a briefing, mail call, or something. Jun '67</small></td> </TR> </TABLE> <hr color=red width=100%> <center> That covers up to Jun '67 The Next page starts with July '67 See below</center> <center>| <a href="sgtchrisalbum.html" target="righttarget">Page 1</a> | <a href="sgtchrisalbum2.html" target="righttarget">Page 2 </a>| </center> <hr color=red width=100%> <H3><CENTER>|<a href="ftlewisalbum.html">Ft. 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