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2012 Reunion Alert

Latest INFO on 77FA Regt. Assn. Reunion 2012

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Place: Fernandina Beach, Florida on the beautiful Amelia Island.
Dates: Confirmed for September 13th, 14th, and 15th.

If you have never heard of Fernandina Beach, it is the NE most point in Florida. The next island to the north is Cumberland Island, Georgia. Cumberland Island was the winter home of several notables such as the Carnegies and Rockefellers. Amelia Island is 18.5 miles north to south and 2.5 miles east to west.

The hotel, the 'Amelia Hotel At The Beach', is located across the street from the ocean, and a seaside restaurant. It is new construction and features free American style breakfasts (eggs, toast, waffles, sausage, etc.). The rates are $89.00 for a standard with king bed or two doubles, $99.00 for ocean view with two doubles or $109.00 for a balcony king room. Reservations may be made individually by calling 1/877- 263-5428 and referring to the 77th Artillery Regiment reunion. Our guaranteed number of rooms for the reunion expires on August 8, 2012 or when they have been filled, whichever arrives first.

Amelia Hotel At The Beach Trolly tours of the island are available, downtown shops are within a 6-8 minute drive, and there are 7 golf courses within a 15-20 minute drive. The best part is the hotel is easy to find and in September, traffic is low except for 7-8 a.m and 5-6 p.m.

Jim Bowers grew up in Fernandina and he knows a bunch of folks there who can be counted on to help him make this an exciting and enjoyable event. Jim will be campaigning hard at getting guys in FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, ALA, MS to come to the reunion as it will be virtually in their backyard. He has asked others to contact guys in their state as well. We now have a team concentrating rounding up members for the 1st Cavalry Association in Texas as well.

The 2012 77th Artillery Association reunion is open to all veterans and their families who were supported by the 77th or who supported us. We were all part of a great team that truly made the sum greater than the parts. As my Battalion Commander used to say, the only reason for our existence is to support the infantry. I have never met an infantryman that wasn't grateful for our support as we were of their firebase protection and the support we received from the "non combat" branches". Come join us as we spread the smell of cordite over the beaches of Fernandina. If you know anyone who served in the 77th Artillery Regiment, please let them know about the reunion. 1st Battalion, 77th Artillery members hosting the meeting. Schedule of events will be out in the near future. Mike Maynard will chair the meeting. Per our constitution, only the Third Vice President will be elected - think about whom to nominate.

Many of you know other 77th Artillery Regiment Veterans - so please contact them and be sure ask them to join. This reunion promises to be another great one. Last year's at Fort Carson was a great one. Loved the smell of 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Cordite in the morning. We get a chance to renew lost friendships and make new ones. All of us that have attended past reunions have been glad we did; it seems to settle some things and make you more confortable.

For those of you we met at the 1st CAV reunion and/or you who have not joined the 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association, please do so before the reunion. It makes it easier on our Treasurer. One year dues is $20.00 and Lifetime membership is $100.00. We are a registered 501 c 19 Military organization. Contributions are tax deductible, but not dues. We record all contrbutions on the membership database maintained by our Secretary. However, we do not send out individual contribution information or forms at tax time. The Secretary gets the application with check, makes the dues deposit, and records the contribution information in the member's record. After depositing funds, information is sent to the Treasurer to record on his system. At tax time, the Association will publish our corporate ID number so contributors can claim their deduction. Personally I believe "lifetime" is the better choice, as you don't have to keep up with year to year dues. To join the 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association, you may contact Jim Bowers and he will send you the registration form and collect dues. Another way to join is to go to 77th Artillery Regiment Association Membership page on this website. I know we'll have a great time this coming year - Great Location for tourists and golfers.

EN GARDE Mike Maynard, Incoming President, 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association If you have any questions or comments, contact Mike Maynard 2011 Secretary Report: Paige Lanier assumed duties as Association president on 1 Jan 2011. He is also our official LNO to 2/77FA. The 2/77 FA hosted our 2011 Reunion in September at Colorado Springs, CO and Ft Carson. A good time was had by all attendees - to include a member of the 5th Missile Battalion, 77th Artillery (Germany).