From LTC Michael Steele:

"The Triple Deuce is rapidly approaching our deployment date for our Bosnia mission."

(Editor Note: For the sake of Brevity, and update, the Good Col.'s remarks are trimmed, paraphrased, and updated, with all due respect. Not that I write better, but for space, and currency of information. By now, they may be somewhere else... but it is very likely that the information given about contacting them is still good, though it will probably involve some sort of secure forwarding/screening/censorship process) Continuing now,....

"We are following the 3-7 Cavalry from Ft. Stewart, GA. Our troopers are excited about this mission and are ready for the chance to shine during an operational deployment.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for all of the support for the Adopt-a-Platoon program. Things that seem insignificant in day-to-day life are really important to our soldiers while deployed. Deployed soldiers have been known to hang crayon drawings from anonymous Second Grade students on their walls for the duration of the deployment. Why? Because it reminds him that there is a real world back here in the USA, and reminds him that the sacrifices that he is making allows that world to continue. I’m not asking for large gifts (we do have a PX on the base camp to buy things for ourselves), but two or three written lines in a letter really makes the day during deployment. All of you who’ve been deployed know exactly what I mean.
Our deployed address will be:

Soldier’s Name or Platoon (or you can just put 22nd Infantry Soldier)
Task Force Courage, OJF
Camp McGovern
APO AE 09789

I plan to keep you all updated on our progress and statistics of the deployment.You, as our forefathers in the Regiment (dang you sound old), deserve to know that we are making a difference in this war-torn region. Although the boys would like to kick down doors and climb through windows, every last man understands the significance of this Stability and Support Operation (SASO). Of course we will continue to train on our combat tasks throughout the deployment. Make no mistake: Triple Deuce is a combat, trigger-pulling outfit, that has been assigned a SASO mission. While we have had some SASO related training, we are not a peacekeeping force…we are a combat outfit doing peacekeeping…there’s a big difference. Rest assured that the troopers of this Battalion are ready and able to quickly rotate the selector lever and starting kicking in doors if the need should arise. These soldiers look tough, act tough…they are tough, and most important to me, they don’t run their mouths about it. Just quiet professionalism, letting their actions speak louder than their words. You veterans should be proud of them; I sure am. From now until
we re-deploy, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We won’t let you down.
LTC Michael D. Steele - "Deeds Not Words!"