As I find, proof, etc. old and new stories from associated units, friends of 2/77VN...I will remove Pending from their button and put on the unit designation, and it will jump to the page, and the stories with any photos of the individuals, will be on that page, probably with the unit Crest. 3/22, A/2/12, and 2/22Inf. were tight in Nam, and fairly tight now, and upcoming will A/2/34Armor, 187th AHC Crusaders (we were tight with them, too...they flew a lot of our eagle-flights and evac and re-supply for us on an emergency basis). And that is just to name a FEW. 242d ASH (Medium Helicopter) Also worked with us, and I may be able to get some stories from them, too. Also, 25AVN BN. of course. But of course, the logical place to start is with 2/77FA VN.