Memorial Day....2004

For us combat veterans....
Memorial Day is about THE FIRST DAY OR NIGHT AFTER, AND OF COURSE....IT CONTINUES AND GROWS INTO THE DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS AND YEARS AFTERThe 2nd and 6th Battalions of "Fightin Focus" Artillery remember all of America's Military who paid the highest price for those of us who still live!

ON this Memorial Day, which is one of the most historic Memorial days in American History. This one is the day when ~ Finally, a Memorial to what our Fathers, and some of our Grandfathers did in WWII, is finished, and being dedicated this year! ~~OO-RAH! We thank you, and as always

Nor will we allow America to forget!!!

After all, you kept it waving! And long may it wave!!! The following pictures are a Brief tour of this beautiful STRIKING Memorial to
"The Generation that saved the world"

And they are also the generation that raised most of us Vietnam Veterans, and instilled the same values that ended them up in the Service of our beloved Country in us!

The plaque below is at one of the ceremonial entrances to the Memorial

This one is an 'aerial' view of the Memorial from the Washington Momument. The Memorial sits between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials

The one below shows the beautiful plaza in the center,with its restful, relaxing fountains, feeding the pool.

The one below shows an artist's graphic representation of the whole Memorial, as viewed from 17th St.

Credit is given to the WWII veteran's Memorial Site, from which I pulled these photos. Using the link provided, you may obtain loads of fascinating, informative information about this beautiful, fitting tribute to our Fathers, and GrandFathers! The pictures are not being used to gain profit or any thing of that nature. Merely to further spread the word and thereby increase recognition of our Fathers and GrandFathers