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Algernon P. Thomas

Born on: 03/16/1946
Algernon "Al" joined the Armed Forces while in SPRINGDALE, OH. He served as a 13A10 in the Army. In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of SP4/E4. At the age of 21, he perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Tay Ninh Province.

Anthony  Boles Friend We were High School classmates. Algernon was always smiling and fun to be around. I'll always remember this hero. Apr 25, 2008

wayne Schatzle friend I still remember getting the news that Al had been killed. I was in VN in the mekong delta with the 9th Infantry division at the time and received the letter telling me of his passing. I still remember his old gray primer coupe "The Supercar" and many of the classes we had together at Princeton High. prayers for him and his loved ones that I am sure still miss him. May 31, 2007
Ebony Thomas friend 622 Chestnut steet lebanon P.A. 17046 U.S.A you are very brave, I wish that you could be hear,my long lost realtive. I'm glad that a Thomas can fight for our country. Apr 2, 2007
Paul "Chris" Lindner Friend & Neighbor 7295 Greenfield Dr Cincinnati Ohio 45224 USA Memory's of my buddy Al Thomas Al, You & I had alot of great times together growing up in Springdale.We talked alot about the future,and never dreamed that you or I would not return from Vietnam.The last letter you wrote was to me.I took it home and gave it to your brother Alton.The day I arrived home from Vietnam,I walked down the street to see my mother & yours talking in front of our house.God bless you Al.You are never forgotten. Nov 10, 2006
Gone but not forgotten

Just wanted to let you know that you will always be remembered, not only in the hearts and minds of those that knew you, but here on our 2/77 site and your sacrifice cherished by us along with your memory!
Rest in peace, brother

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