Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.

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Source this version: 25th Infantry Division Yearbook 1965-1970, pp86-89

(paraphrasing)...Operation Yellowstone- From early December 1967 to late February 1968.
One of Yellowstone's engagements, the Battle of Soui Cut at Fire Base Burt, went into the books as the biggest single action of the year 1967 for a 25th Division unit. The Viet Cong paid most dearly for violating their own truce to attack Fire Support Base Burt on 1 January 1968. Secured by elements of the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 22nd Infantry Regulars, the FSB was only 3 days old when it became the setting for the Battle of Soui Cut. At 1:30a.m. the main enemy force made it's move. The main thrust of their attack was absorbed by the Second RegularsCharlie Company. As the fanatical Human Wave surged closer to the perimeter, the base's cannoneers from 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery and 2nd Battalion, 77th Artillery fired round after round of "Beehive" ammunition into the attackers
This is BURT the morning after the battle
After a brief lull, the Viet cong renewed their assault all along the perimeter. Again, the Artillerymen fired over open sights. Airstrikes pounded the enemy within 100 meters of the embattled Lightning Soldiers as the volume of fire reached a crescendo. Suddenly, all remaining Viet Cong were going the other way. As dawn broke, the weary, tested and alert defenders of Burt gazed over blasted landscape to a treeline that had been all but leveled by their fire.
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