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Is this changing the guard, or roving patrol?

Takin a little drive

This one is one of the BIG 8 inchers

Second to last U.S. Air Terminal before Cambodia

The name of this one says it all...AKMAGNET

Another Air Shot

The Sacred Halls of Command

Gettin a little Closer

Capt. Sommers on HHB St.

Here is our favorite Tree-Lined Boulevard

C-130, rollin down the strip, Chairborne Daddy gonna take a little trip?

They look better from the front

Here's another of COMMO's Chairborne Rangers guardin the fort!

All in a days work

Here's Here's a young man climbing the Battery Ladder!

Here is a shot of a gun crew "At the office."

Looks like the Delta-Tango World Series..Who won?

This is a duster..always glad to have them with us on Operations, right?

One of the most famous, vicious Ladies in RVN

Thanks, dude! Couldn't see a darned thing!

Here is one of Focus' finest

Here is Phil Costantino, hammin it up, maybe?

Here is the famous switchboard

Looks like this party is just gettin warmed up

Hurry up! The party is already heating up

Hey, you remember where we put the hootch?

The Infantry is going out to drum up some business

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, we be shakin, boss!

Was Paul the first one grabbed for details?

I still think this was a guy called Pederson...???

One of HHB's favorite Sgts??

Lots of guys I sure would like to give names to

Click the cannon

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