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Born on:September 30, 1997

Welcome to the 6/77FA Ft. Irwin page!
This page is Dedicated to the veterans who have served their country in the U.S. Army Field Artillery and the 6th Battalion of the 77th Field Artillery Regiment, their friends and families and Americans who are interested In Artillery and Artillery Operations.

Guys---Get an e-mail address!..It is the best fastest way to Re-establish contact with those you are starting to miss for some odd reason...after all these years! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A COMPUTER TO HAVE E-MAIL!...You can go to the Library...A friend's House...One of the kids' house...Wherever...and sign on to NETSCAPE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, ALMOST ANY MAJOR SITE...and register for a FREE E-MAIL ACCOUNT, that will let you send and receive e-mail! All you have to do is go to the library, or wherever the computer is...(until you get tired of going back and forth and decide to buy your own computer, haha,)...and view and answer your e-mail! MILITARY.COM also has free e-mail...Okay, end of sermon! It just makes it so much easier and faster to find and communicate with "The Buds!"

We have Accounts and photos of Battles, rosters of 2 & 6 Bns. 77th Arty during Vietnam, to help you find buddies. We update them as often as we can.

The first section is Ft. Irwin, CA. training, and gettin ready to ship the "Boat People Group2" out. Interesting Note..Perhaps.
The 6th received an earlier Port Call order, which as nearly as I can remember, could have put us in Nam in time for the Battle of Soui-Tre. Though we were in Cu-Chi first.Yes we..I was originally 6/77FA until the Army's version of the Foreign Student Exchange program scattered half of us in all directions

These are all I have of Ft. Irwin..They are courtesy of Wayne Pohlman..Thanks wayne..They are wayne, his fellow crew members,Truck and of course, thier trusty "Long Rifle"