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2/77 Army Field Artillery (VIETNAM)
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Thursday 04/02/2009 11:46:08am
Name: Sam Becerra
E-Mail: samrudy98@aol.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: La Habra. O.C.
Comments: a 2/77 artilly 105. MM mar.67-jan. 08 jan.67-mar.67 with the 1/84 artilly 155mm 9div. Tan an. Would like to here from anyone in those units.

Tuesday 03/10/2009 9:51:36am
Name: Phil Volker
E-Mail: corner48@comcast.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Vashon,WA USA
Comments: Gents and Ladies - A friend of mine from your outfit, Chris Gaynor, had me come and check this out. Well done, to you. I am Commander of the local American Legion Post and we at the Post appreciate the effort that you are making. Having this kind of history readily available to the general public is invaluable. Thank you, Phil Volker, Post 159 Vashon,WA.

Tuesday 03/03/2009 7:30:15pm
Name: Sgt. Mikie
Homepage: http://garijen.piczo.com/humbletributetoourveterans?cr=1&linkvar=000044
Referred By: Friend
Comments: The above listed web-page is for Garnet Jenkns, a staunch veteran supporter, and bereaved survivor of one of the country's heroes. Check out her site, and give her a 'hey' and a big thank you!

Tuesday 03/03/2009 7:15:26pm
Name: Garnet Jenkins
Homepage: http://garijen.piczo.com/
E-Mail: garijen@bresnan.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Grand Junction, CO
Comments: Thanks for the welcome Sgt Mikie! I wasn't expecting to see that. As I said to you, it is truly my honor, to pay tribute to our fallen heroes on The Wall web site. It is the least I can do.
Having lost my 19 year old brother in Binh Dinh, in 1967, that brings not only the war, but all that served there or are affected by it, close to my heart. Wow, there is A Lot to look at, on this site, kind of like trying to get through every name on The Wall site.
However rest assured I will spend time visiting here as I do The Wall site. Thanks again Sgt Mikie, for contacting me and for your kind words. To all you vets who visit here..."Thank you for your Service, and Welcome Home. And now on to my new adventure...the 2/77 web site. God Bless...

Tuesday 03/03/2009 6:41:09pm
Name: Sgt. Mikie
Homepage: http://277arty.net
E-Mail: focus11c@netscape.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: to Roberto Robles, from Puerto Rico -
Bien Venidos a la 2/77 Fa location,
Dude, you need an e-mail address to leave with us, so we can contact you. You told us who you want to talk to, but you gave us NO WAY to contact you.
Get a computer, or go to the library, and get an e-mail address. Ask the librarian, and she or he will give you the addresses of several sites that offer FREE e-mail addresses.
Until you do that, we can't do anything. You came in and disappeared with out a trace. Get a trace, a trail so we can track you down, and talk with you, and share with you.
Sgt. Mikie, 2/77 FA VN 'web guy"

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