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2/77 Army Field Artillery (VIETNAM)
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Thursday 07/03/2008 1:52:39am
Name: Rich Bryant a.k.a. (Red)
Homepage: http://www,ningunfilms.org
E-Mail: RichardBryant28@Hotmail.com
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: Philadelphia, Pa
Comments: To whom this may concern, This is very serious inquiry!!! I am a young professional screenwriter/filmmaker and have been wanting to do a documentary on the Battle of Suoi Cut a.k.a The Battle of Firebase Burt. I know Oliver Stone touched on this in the end of platoon and now I'm in discussion with his people to make this a feature film. My father PFC Rich Bryant was in this battle, so naturally I wanted to do my research. I googled FSB and came up with several pictures and accounts from Dusty Lowe, Crash Coe and a Doc Warden of the war and some letters. It is one particular letter that has peaked my interest. A letter of apreciation for valor service dating back to 4 feb 68' from a LTC William Albright to the same Dusty Lowe? This letter happens to have my dad's name on it. If anyone who knows a Dusty Lowe or the following men please contact me A.S.A.P. Second, If anyone can help aid me on my quest to make this film such as stories, setting personal accounts I would love to know more about this.
Thank-you VERY MUCH
Former AFC Rich Bryant USAF
Sorry for the long reply but unable to click on webmaster links via email.

Tuesday 07/01/2008 12:19:36am
Name: waymon joyner
E-Mail: jjoyner0631@yahoo.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: plant city,fl.
Comments: i was a truck driver with svc.btry 6/77 later moved to 3/13 at cu-chi. i went over on the ship gen.gordon from ft.irwin.i remember lanny harker, gomez,f.johnson,thornbury,moore,i was called boy because i was 18.also remember lt.van patten who was killed after volenteering for f.o.first sgt.muse.i forgot too many others.

Sunday 06/15/2008 4:35:21pm
Name: Karen Paine Kerper
E-Mail: kkerper4@msn.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Sunset, Utah
Comments: My father was Sgt. A W Paine, "Bill", was in FA, was wounded at Soui Tre. Did anyone know him then, would love to hear. Thanks.

Tuesday 06/03/2008 1:05:51pm
Name: Don Anderson
E-Mail: revdon@cablemo.net
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: Republic, Mo.
Comments: I was in the 2/77 in 68-69. Just wanted to see if I recognized any names. Haven't yet.

Wednesday 05/28/2008 6:52:30pm
Name: gabriel razcondurazo
E-Mail: gabriel.razcondurazo@us.army.mil
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: fort hood
Comments: OIF 2005-2006

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