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2/77 Army Field Artillery (VIETNAM)
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Sunday 01/23/2011 1:36:14pm
Name: robert gallardo
E-Mail: gallardorobert@yahoo.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Santa ana, Calif
Comments: Trying to find anyone who was a arty surveyor from Oct'67-'Oct'6. Or a clerk named Robert Van Norton. David Kemp sounds like of the guys, how can I get in touch w/ him

Monday 01/10/2011 2:59:49pm
Name: Robert Dotson ( comer )
E-Mail: bd0948@aol.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Jefferson City,TN.
Comments: great site

Friday 12/31/2010 10:37:15pm
Name: jeff helmuth
E-Mail: jeffhelmuth@ymail.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: beecher city il us.
Comments: hello
im jeff helmuth i was in 2-77fa from 2005-2007 served in bravo battery 2-77fa as maintnance on the m109a6 howitzer. i was attached to 2-77 from golf company 704 support battalion, i got transferd from charlie battery 4th battalion 42 field artillery that got stood down, to form bravo battery 2-77fa then transfers again to g704 but stayed with and fell under 2-77 while deployed to iraq during operation iraqi/enduring freedom III. just thought id drop a line and let u know that theres a new gerneation of 2-77fa vets out there and from what i can find are few and far between i am proud to have been part of 2-77fa and its history

Saturday 12/18/2010 2:40:25pm
Name: Bob Bernhart
E-Mail: rlb@rlbernhart.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: XO B-1/77th RVN FSB Illingworth 4/1/1970

Friday 12/10/2010 1:19:53pm
Name: Larry Acord,Jr.
E-Mail: lda308sla@netzero.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Sanford,NC USA
Comments: My Dad fought at the Batle of Soui Tre at FB Gold. I think he was a member of Bravo Battery 2/77FA. Just looking for information about the batle and about those e served with. I think dad was good friends with Algernon Thomas who was KIA in this battle.

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