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The valiant "White Warriors" of A/2/12 Infantry were part of the team that came to the rescue of the units in the fight for their lives at FSB Gold, AKA Soui Tre. Also, visit their sight. They have some pretty awesome pics of SouiTre related stuff, including a tank that got KA-BOO-BOOMED on the way to help you guys out! Some of you may remember that,or seeing it on the way out. For a possible refresher, below is a shot of 2/77 at work on operation Gadsen the relief column,2/22Inf, A/2/12Inf, and A/2/34Arm. on the way into SouiTre, and some others.

Left above - 2/77 firing at SouiTre. Next center above A Tank and a dismounted trooper of 2/22 Inf. "Triple Deuce" or an A/2/12 "White Warrior" At right, 2 of those officers are the valiant Air Force guys who were flying the FACs that were helpin Air Force Tactical Air Support bring smoke on the NVA's ASSES!-OORAH! One of the FAC Aircraft was shot down.
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The Picture, down there is a Map of how the battle happened, supposedly. But that is tongue in cheek, because often the maps about our battles in publications or letters other than our own - are wrong. Don't know about this one though.