Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.


Here are some links that might help. More coming

The 25th Infantry Division Association The 77th FA Association
The 4th Infantry Division Assoc.
Mike Orban's PTSD book/radio show site
The 4/9 Infantry (Manchus) Site 65th Engr. Bn. (Active duty 25th ID Light.
The 4/77 A.R.Artillery Association Millitary Order of the Purple Heart
Fox Rangers (25th Inf Div Vietnam LRRP)
The Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer Page
Scout Dog Units The Doggies! The Disabled American Veterans
27th Infantry "Wolfhounds"Dedicated to healing,honoring
2/12 Inf. "White Warriors 5/60 Inf.
2/32 ArtyD Trp.,3/17 Cav "AeroRifles"
116 AHC Hornets242 ASH "MuleSkinners"
588th Engineers 372 Army ASA Co.
4/23 Inf (M)Combat Tracker Teams
35th Inf "Cacti"25th Avn.
Chris Woelk's VERY EXCELLENT A/7/11 FA site.
Excellent Site in the UK. Honors Soldiers Worldwide

Medical & Claim Help MESO

The only asbestos/mesothelioma site
featuring 24/7 live chat with doctors and nurses-
at no cost to the viewer. Other notable aspects include scholarship contest,
live Q & A sessions, interactive resources, blog, and much more.

My HealthE Vet site, Connects VA Health Care Patients
to their Healthcare Teams Electronically
Educator Labs
Volunteer Retired Educators
helping find the RIGHT educational Resources
PTSD is one of those resource banks
Military.Com/BenefitsVA Mental Health Benefits
Military Mental Health ResourcesArt Therapy for PTSD
The 22nd Infantry Association
The Vietnam 2/22 Inf. "Triple Deuce"

Outstanding site for VN C/2/22 "Triple Deuce" Inf.
C/3/22 Inf. Association

Here is another link
to a Mesothelioma help site
This is the only one that I
remember as being a veteran.

Hope, Faith Action
This One has a very large list of Free
resources, information,Has lots of
Medical Help.It is backed by a BBB A+ rated Law firm

Just got contacted by these Veterans
who want to help Veterans,
Some more Good Free Information
Thanks Brad!!

This one is a link to a Master's Degree Program for veterans who
worked in IT while serving from
University of North Dakota. Might be worth checking out on a "Buyer Beware" basis. Thanks, Jared!

These next 4, in 2rows, are also new submissions from the Military Guide. Brad Miller. As with most, they are mostly info, and "buyer be ware" The picture tells the story. Thanks, BRAD

Helpful info about veteran housing.

Info about best-jobs-for returning-service-members
Home Buying Guide. FULL DISCLOSURE: I had to create a similar image, as I was not allowed to copy them to include in this effort for A couple of them

digital site to help Veterans start a business

Note: This link is being investigated: if you click the image above, and you do not get the page, here is the address and you can type it in, or copy and paste it in.