25th Inf. Div.             22nd Inf. Regt.       Combat Inf. Badge.       4th Inf. Div.
Deeds Not Words....on convoy after convoy, FSBs one after another...sometimes 2 in one day, we travelled with, dug with, built with, pulled guard with, ate with, and Fought beside these guys!....'Nuff Said!

Ret. Major Chuck Boyle "CharlieSix" has
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"Absolution, Charlie Company, 3/22 Infantry"
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The following huey Photos used with permission of the owners and thanks to...187th "Crusaders", the gentleman who sent them to me from 2/77FA "Class of 68-69" and hopefully, Gary Krek
"Der Webmeister" of 22Inf Regt. Society!

For those of you who know, bear with me: For those who don't....The Infantry is the Specific Reason for the building of a Fire Support Base. It was the Temporary "Home Office" of the Infantry. They patrolled from it and of course it had to be close enough to provide "Direct Support". They provided most of the security for it and many times, after "Cruisin" the countryside, looking for Charlie, or Nathaniel...they would come "Home" to it. Also, it was discovered not long into "The Buildup Period" that if you build them just right....they are very tempting BAIT. Knowing that, from an Artillery perspective...They were ALWAYS welcome home! Of course, we always knew where they were and where they were going..and about when to expect them home.
Depicted in pictures here...are the sorts of things that were "All in a days work" for these brave men...and being "Regulars" they were good at it, "By God!" One of the Army's Oldest and definitely one of the Finest...they have a Lineage and Heritage that was created by men just like them in hundreds of battles, campaigns and Wars since around 1812. Persons truly interested in Military History owe themselves a visit to their Site to check them out further!
Composed of 4 Battalions of Infantry, the 22nd had both "Legs" (which is what they called the walking grunts)..and Mechanized infantry, which travelled in APCs. So I will show both. This shot is a great representation of how those brave gentlemen got to work and back. Then of course, they were sometimes delivered within walking distance, then walked the rest of the way)
The following shot shows a closer view of how they got to "Work" if they were Mechanized..The APCs are in the Foreground.
As you can see...All the comforts of Home-NOT!
Here's what it looked like when they commuting to work....
The following Shots....CLEARLY CLARIFY the EXTENT of the BRAVERY and sometimes...the SACRIFICE of these
Know at this point...That FOCUS ARTILLERY APPRECIATES your GUTS your comradeship..and your SACRIFICE for your country!
Again, Thanks Guys!!!