Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.


Operation Junction City (II)
22February - 16 May 1967
The Battle of Soui Tre (FSB Gold)

(This is the semi official account taken directly, transcribed almost word for word from the 25th Infantry Division Vietnam 1965 - 1970 yearbook.)

SouiTre, also known as Fire Support Base (FSB) Gold, began at 04:30 hours on21 March.  At that time, a night patrol from B/3/22 Inf. Operating just outside 2/77FA's camp reported movement in front of and around their ambush position.  However, no further movement was detected and at 06:30 the patrol prepared to return to camp.  One minute later FSB Gold came under heavy enemy 60MM and 82MM Mortar attack and the 3rd Platoon ambush patrol was attacked by a large Viet Cong force.  Within 5 min., the patrol was overrun, all personnel killed or wounded.  At 06:35,a Recon patrol from 3/22 Inf. Engaged a large Viet Cong force which hadapproached within 35 meters of the camp's southeastern perimeter. Shortly after, the entire perimeter came under attack by waves of VietCong firing recoilless rifles, RPG-2s,automatic weapons and small arms.The heaviest attacks concentrated on the Northeastern and Southeastern FSB perimeter.  As the attack increased, the 3 batteries of 2/77FA began counter-mortar to eliminate Viet Cong mortar concentrations continuing to pound the entire camp.  During the initial assault, B Co. reported 1st. Plt. positions on the Southeast perimeter had been overrun and a reactionforce was needed to reinforce.  Soldiers from 2/77FA rushed to help repulse the continuing attacks.


At07:00, the first of several Forward Air Controllers (FACs) arrived overhead in an O-1E Light Observation Aircraft.  He immediately began directing AF. Air Strikes against the Viet Cong.  At the same time, supporting fire from two 105 Batteries located at other forward FSBs nearby was directed within 100 meters of the perimeter  At 07:11, B/3/22 Inf. Reported that 1st. Plt. had been surrounded and overrun.  Airstrikes were called in along the eastern woodline to relieve the pressure on B's perimeter.  The FAC directing them was shot down by heavy automatic weapons. At07:52, B C.O. requested 2/77 fire "Beehive" into the Southeastern and Southern sections of his perimeter.  At 07:56 B company reported complete penetration in 1st Plt. sector and desperate need of ammunition resupply. Ammo and a 20 man reaction force from A Co. were sent to B Co.  At 08:13,the Northeastern perimeter was also overrun.  At 08:15, a patrol which had established a night ambush position just outside, charged into the perimeter.  Somehow,all the personnel had managed to elude the surrounding Viet Cong.  At08:18, A Company C.O. reported the Viet Cong had penetrated the Northeast section. Ten minutes later, a quad .50 Caliber machinegun located in the northern sector was hit by RPG-2 rockets,it's crew killed. As the VietCong swarmed over it attempting to turn it on GIs, it was blown apart by a well placed round from a 105 crew who had seen the action from 75 meters away. By 08:40, the Northeastern, Eastern, and Southeastern perimeters had withdrawn to a secondary defense line around the artillery & "gun pits." The Northern, Western, and Southern sectors had held firm, despite intense pressure from large numbers of Viet Cong, who had advanced to within 15-20meters of the positions.  They were within hand grenade range of the BN. CP, and only 5 meters from the BN Aid Station. To counter this new threat, remaining 105s of 2/77FA fired "Beehives" into the attackers. Air Strikes were brought in within 50 meters of US positions and supporting 105 and 155MM batteries from the other FSBs threw up a continuous wall of HE all around the perimeter.  When 2/77 had exhausted its "Beehives" it began firing HE Pointblank.  The situation had worsened.  The Northern, Western, and Southern sectors were still under intense pressure. The Northeastern, Southeastern, and Eastern perimeters had pulled in even closer to the guns, still under human wave attacks.  At 09:00 a relief column from 2/12 Inf. Broke through from the south and linked up with B/3/22Inf.  By linking, Co.B, and 2/12Inf. Were able to counter-attack and reestablish the original perimeter. The Viet Cong continued massive attacks, many advancing wearing bandages from earlier wounds.  Some were so badly wounded they couldn't walk, were carried "Piggy-Back" into the assault by comrades. At 09:12, a Mechanized infantry
and armor column from 2/22 Inf. and 2/34 Armor broke through the
jungle from the Southwest. Their 90mm guns firing canister, all machineguns on *Rock N'Roll, they met the advancing Viet Cong chopping them down by the score.  Shortly after, the enemy began to withdraw, and by 10:45, the battle of Soui Tre was over.


The crack 272nd Main Force Viet Cong Regiment had been decimated, leaving behind 647 bodies.  Documents found in the area showed intensive planning before the attack.  The elite 272nd, one of the best organized and equipped guerilla units, was finished as an effective fighting force. It had been long known for it's fighting ability, one of the few units that would engage in day attacks.  Its troops scattered in a disorganized rout as artillery and airstrikes pounded at their heels.

This one of course, is a Huey or what used to be a Huey. Courteousy of Bob Deshaies. Thanks!