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The following Myths and Facts have been researched thousands of times.  Among the sources of the statistics (facts) provided to counter-balance Myths perpetrated by the media are:
My Thanks to the 22nd Infantry Association!  These facts, though originally from the above named sources...were included in one of the newsletters.  I thought it would be good to help spread the word by putting them on our pages.
Vietnam warriors-Fact Vs. Fiction
RA Versus US
The Media says that the Vietnam war was fought largely by draftees. (They make it sound like they were poor,unwilling conscripts, forced by law to serve against their will). The Media also makes it sound like they did most of the dying... 25% (648,500)in country in Vietnam were draftees.

66% US Armed Forces in WWII were draftees

30.4% (17,725) of Combat Deaths were draftees.

Reservist Deaths: 5,977

National Guard:101 of 6,140 died.

Of the total number of Draftees (65-73)which was 1,728,344 only 38% served in Vietnam

Race & Ethnic Background
The Media says Vietnam was fought by mostly black soldiers, and poor Americans. 88.4% in Vietnam were caucasian (includes Hispanics)

10.6% were black.

1% were asian,polynesian americans,
American Indian,Native Pacific Islanders,etc.

86.3% of deaths were caucasian.

12.5% were black.

1.2% asian,polynesian,Indian,

86.8% of deaths by hostile action were caucasian.

12.1% were black,

1.1% were asian, polynesian, Indian,etc.

34% of blacks who enlisted volunteered for the combat arms.

12.5% of the deaths in Vietnam were black, while the percentage of blacks of military age was 13.5% of the total population.

Win Vs. Loss
The Media says that America LOST the vietnam war.. 82% of veterans who saw heavy combat strongly believe the war was lost because of lack of the politicians' lack of will to win

Nearly 75% of the public agrees.(Or says they do, because it is politically 
correct these days.) 

We won by far the greatest percentage of all the battles fought, large and small.  We effectively destroyed the Viet Cong as a viable Military force in the south, to the point where the north had taken over the largest part of the military efforts there, and we were beating them, too.

If you're winning and you just quit ...(perhaps as in the case of quitting short of original/best case goals in IRAQ?)...well, I call that lucky for the loser..and for us...if not a win..what?...a gift?

As many times as I've had my butt kicked, every time the guy winnin got

tired of whuppin up on me, said "Aww, heck, this is no fun anymore!"...

and got off, and left..I DID NOT THINK OF THAT GUY AS THE LOSER! :-)

And I'd bet money THE COMMIES know in their hearts, they did not win

the fight, the war, they just won their goals, on a political technicality!

Honorable Service
The Media Myth had painted us as psychotic,ignorant, addicted killers who were out of control,
insubordinate,and many of us were thrown out of the Service...
97% of Vietnam-Era Veterans were honorably discharged.

91% of Actual Vietnam War veterans are proud to have served their country.

90% of those veterans who saw heavy combat are proud to have served their country.

66% of Vietnam Vets say they would serve again, if called.

87% of the public now holds the Vietnam Veteran in high esteem..(or says they do in public).

Other Vietnam Facts....KIAs...
Myth: The average age of the Infantryman was 19. Infantry MOS (11B):22.55 Years.

Youngest KIAs: 16 Years (5 of them).

Next: 17 Years (12 of them).

Oldest: 62 Years.

Average KIA age: 23.11 Years.

Enlisted KIAs:22.37 Years.

Officer KIAs: 28.43 Years.

Warrant Officer KIAs: 24.73 Years.

Pvt E-1: 20.3 Years.

Actual Infantry average age:22 Years.

No enlisted grade has an average less than 20 years.

The average age of WWII Vets was 26 Years.

Casualties by Branch....
Defense Department records..1973
Army: 37,772
Navy: 2,323
USAF: 1,648
(The CACF uses a figure of 58,169 KIA in their November 1993 database).
One of ten Americans in Vietnam was a casualty.
Helicopter Impact on Casualty Statistics..
(Source: The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association)
MEDEVAC Choppers flew nearly 500,000 missions. Over 900,000 patients were airlifted (half Americans)
Average wound to hospital time: Less than 1 hour. As a result..Less than 1% of American wounded who survived the first 24 hours...died!!! Approximately 12,000 Choppers saw action in Vietnam
Army UH-1s (Hueys):7,531,955 flight hours Oct.66 - the end of 1975 Army UH-1Gs (Cobras, I believe):1,038,969 flight hours