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Bernie Laplante and Paul Doute wrestling in the rig bunker hole

This one is Bernie and Ralph Bechle in the rig bunker

This one is Ralph and Mitch in the new rig bunker

They've almost got it finished here

Here the troops are burning Ants off of the antenna wire

Here's Jim Hamblin at the new RTT bunker

Here's a shot of 2/77's first Commcenter @ Dau-Tieng Base

"Good Morning--Vietnam" From Carl Besson A/2/77

Here's Carl Besson takin a short break

Here is Dau-Tieng Bell hookin up some telephone service

Here is the Dau-Tieng Heli-Pad, during a sightseeing trip?

This is a Dead Caribou C-123 found @ Dau-Tieng when they arrived. Good thing this kind don't stink!!

This is Carl Besson in Dec. '66

This is Downtown Dau-Tieng Village...little sightseeing/shopping trip?

Here's one of Downtown and some of it's most important villgagers!

Here is a shot of what will probably be HHB Street later on.

Here's a shot of 2/77's first commo shop/commcenter

This is Bob Mitchell doing his Maintenance thing

Here's Eckhols keepin the RTT Rig in Tip Top shape

Good Vietnamese chow/beer, anyone?

Here is group of our Chairborne Rangers keepin their weapons workin

Here are a couple of Hootch/Club bunnies, Nam and the NCO Club Tent

Here is Paul Doute enjoying a little liquid relief from heat behind RTT

And Paul inspecting the Xmas Tree December '66

This is Pfc. Zimmer and two other troopers. Zimmer was the Bn. Co.'s Driver

Here is Phil Costantino having a look at the Dec. '66 Xmas Tree

This is where the Radio Crew lived till they built that nice "Hootch" for us!...Thanks, Guys!!!

And this is Radio Hootch, almost finished...Home Sweet Home!

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