Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.

NEW STUFF! 77FA Regiment Association Reunion Photos - 2010

Round Rock, Texas, Sept. 17, 18, 19
We tried to get pics of ALL the Attendees, alone, and in groups.
Some of these Troopers are Modelling some of the fine souveniers you can have when YOU come to share part of your lives with us AGAIN in Colorado, the FABULOUS ROCKY MOUNTAINS, NEXT YEAR!
Off hand, Mikie Maynard, RED POLO, John Avera,BLACK and RED POLO, Dwayne Fowler, Black 77th Falcons T-Shirt, Paul Guetter, also Red Polo, Ben Scott, Red Polo, Dwayne Fowler, Black Polo, I believe Waymond Graham is sportin a Red Polo also. BUT, if you look closely, you'll see he does sport the 77th Association pin on it's collar. I am modeling the King of battle circular logo in my single shot and an Association Pin on my cap. And, no I are NOT mad, or unhappy, just deep in thunk, hahha! IF you are interested in a souvenier of the Association to FLY YOUR COLORS - And wear to Colorado Next Year - Click here

Dwayne Fowler, (seated)Col. Smith, Jim Bowers, Mike Maynard, Bob Tagge, and Fred Taylor,

Dwayne Fowler, (seated behind Fred Taylor), Steve Batten, Bob Tagge (seated right of Steve Batten),Col. Smith, seated behind Steve Luba, who is shaking hands with Bob Tagge.

Fred Taylor, Steve Luba, Steve Batten, and Dwayne Fowler. Looks like at lunch or dinner.

John Avera & Ben Scott sharing a conversation

Juan Garcia and Mike Maynard talking in the foreground. Jim Bowers, and Steve Luba Talking in the background

Juan Garcia and Steve Luba

Ben Scott and Jack Paar

Bob Tagge

Col.Harold Smith and Jack Paar

Jack Paar and Sgt.Mikie Pectol

John Avera

Mike Maynard

Sgt.Mikie Pectol, Charity Avera, Dwayne Fowler

Dwayne Fowler seated at a table in the meeting room

This is Fred Taylor, our new treasurer, signing in

Dwayne Fowler, and Fred Taylor - Photo OP

Foreground, seated - John Avera, Middle, L. - R. - Jim bowers, outgoing Treasurer, and Dwayne Fowler. background, L.-R. - Jack Paar, SgtMikie.

L. - R. - Fred Taylor, Paul Guetter (I think), Steve Lupa (I think), Dwayne Fowler. Meeting Room.

L. - R. - Steve Luba, Fred Taylor, Dwayne Fowler, Bob Tagge, Harold Smith. The yellow paper is the 1st Cav. Assn. "Saber" The one Harold is lookin at is the courtesy copy of the Constitution and By-Laws handed out to attendees, to aid them in fingering out how to vote.

Seated - Harold Smith, Standing - Don Fujitani

Background - Don Fujitani, Foreground - Steve Luba. Gettin some "YUMS" and Whistle wetters, during our first Happy Hour.

L. - R. - Don and Steve "Meetin and Greetin" - Fred and Dwayne - SameSame. Numbah one! Bow-koo Numbah One!

Circling the table to the right - Jack Paar, Steve Luba, Mike Maynard, Ben Scott, Juan Garcia, and John Avera.

Seated, Harold Smith, Fred Taylor, standing

Paul Guetter, checkin out some of the photos for viewing.

John, and Wife, Charity, Steve Lupa's right ear. Charity's a "Pistol" Thoroughly meetin the women behind some of these great men!

L. - R. - Harold, Charity, Bob Tagge, and Jack's red shirt.

Manning Shuler, doin the "Meet and Greet" with Fred Taylor, (L)

'Round the table - Jim Bowers, Fred Taylor, Don Fujitani, don't know, Harold Smith, Bob Tagge, Mike maynard, (standing)

Ben Scott, (L) and Gene Pacinella lookin over the pictorial/historical materials available.

Jack Morrison and his Wife. I think I have a regret 'bout not gettin to meet them!

Jack Morrison and Wife.

Jack and his wife again. Looks like they are enjoyin as much as the rest of us did!

John Ahearn, Mikie "Meetin and Greetin" Mike Maynard

Don Gross - and Harold Smith

Don and Ben Talkin "Shop"

John Avera - Outgoing President - Conducting part of the Biz Meeting

Jim Bowers Outgoing Treasurer, Conducting part of the Biz Meeting.

Active Duty LTC. "Steve Hite" during his Presentation as Guest Speaker. (1/77FA - Active's recent tour of duty in Iraq, which he commanded.)

One of the maps that was part of Steve's Presentation

Organizational Chart, part of presentation

Steve "Meeting and Greeting" 77th FA Regiment's "Geezers" hahaahaha!

Front, L. - R., Unknown, Dwayne, Don.

'Round the table, L - R - Mr. & Mrs. Gene Pacinella, John Ahearn, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Morrison, and Charity Avera. They PROBABLY wish YOU were there! I do!

Foreground - Mr & Mrs Harold Smith, A Nice Mrs. Someone, John Avera, standing, and a Nice someone. MID Background table - Paul Guetter, a nice some guy, Steve Luba, (I think), FAR Background table - someone with their back to us, Jack Morrison, Charity Avera

Foreground - Ben Scott, Mid ground - Steve Hite, Don Fujitani, and Jim Bowers. Background, - One of our "SLEEP INN FRIENDS" keepin our beverage/food area nice and neat for us! Thanks, guy!

FINALLY! I SAW one of the unknown's name tag! PLEASE wear your nametags! AT LEAST the first day, hahaaha! End of soap box, - 'round the table - Dwayne Fowler, Paul Guetter, Steve Batten, Steve Luba, Fred Taylor, "Mikie" Maynard, and Jack Paar "The REAL Jack Paar"

Jack Paar (The REAL ONE)

Fred Taylor, Incoming Treasurer

Don Fujitani. (All the way from Haiwaii)

Steve Batten

John Avera. Pro-Tem, and Outgoing President. He, Jim Bowers, Fred taylor, Jack Paar, Mike Maynard, Bob Tagge, Paige Lanier, and others I MAY not even know about, ALL GAVE NEW MEANING to the Phrase - "Thank you for your Service!" EN GARDE!

John Ahearn.

Gene "Doc" Pacinella. He carries, (Hecause he 'lived it') - the most WIDELY given and USED Nickname of the VN War! God Knows how we love our "Docs"

This would be Me. I offer my Gratitude to ALL who welcomed me, and did so much to bring me into the 77FA Regt. Assn. "Team" I am Excited, and yet, humbled at meeting all you fine Troopers! As part of the 4th and the 25th Division, I often worked with elements of the 22nd Infantry "Regulars" their Regimental Motto - "Deeds, not words" Seems to me to apply to all you 'doers' who stepped up to the plate, for OUR ASSOCIATION! Thanks!

I THINK this is Don Gross.

Harold Smith. SHEESH! I gotta work out or something! This guy looks gooder than me, and is almost 30 years older! Way to go, Harold! You Rock!

Waymond "Deacon" Graham. Boy, I sure enjoyed meeting and talkin with you also, brother.