Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.

NEW STUFF! 77FA Regiment Association Souvenier Gear! - 2010

Round Rock, Texas, Sept. 17, 18, 19
You do not have to have attended to "SHOW YOUR COLORS" and support YOUR Association and it's programs!. Current Information (which will be updated as received) - is to make your check payable to 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association.

Here is the address to mail your check to

77th Field Artillery Association
PO Box 8621
Jacksonville, FL 32239-8621

Of course, we are going with front and back pics of each item. If there is no art on the back, only the art on the FRONT will be shown. Price listed under each thumbnail.
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Front View, 1st Black T-shirt.
Sizes avail" L, XL. XXL

Back View. Customized for the 2nd Bm.
Price of T-Shirst = $15.00 + S & H charges = (Forthcoming)

Front of 2nd Black T

Back of 2nd T.
$15.00 + S & H.

Front of 3rd T
$15.00 + S & H

Red Polo/Golf Front.
$25.00 + S & H

White Polo/Golf
$25.00 + S & H

Black Polo/Golf.
$25.00 + S & H

Red Cap.
$12.00 + S & H

Front of Black 77th Cap

Back of Black 77th Cap.
$12.00 + S & H

Front of 77th "Falcons" Cap.

Back of 77th "Falcons" Cap.
$12.00 + S & H

This one of the decals. $5.00 + Postage.
I think it is around 5 inches square. Decal 1

I like this one Goodest. Same size and price
Different Bird. Decal 2

The Assn. Pin. Price = $5.00 + $1.25 Postage