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Former Sgt. Chris Gaynor took a LOT of great pictures during his tour, and NOW he has taken a LOT of great ones of his latest project to honor the Vashon-Maury Island, Washington KIAs, and those who served in Vietnam, or the Vietnam ERA with a Vashon-Maury Island HOME OF RECORD. The project was launched to Co-incide with the 10th Anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan, and the project also launched a Charitable program to help out the veterans of that war. Execution: Darn near FLAWLESS! Turn-Out: Surprisingly high. These are just the START of the album, so check back once in a while, as I will be ADDING photos as new ones are send'd to us!Meanwhile - Hope you all enjoy.I was Honored and Grateful to be present for the opening ceremonies, and to provide as much help as I was 'able' towards the 'setup'of the display, which will be up until November 27, 2011. If any of you will be in that area - Not only will you get an interesting ride on the Ferry over to "The Island" you will likely be inspired by their attention to and respect for the veterans of VASHON-MAURY Island, both THEN and NOW.I was also honored to meet Another One of our Heroes of Soui-Tre, Bob Pederson. AND the Young Man who basically STARTED ALL of Chris' Self Re-Discovery and led to his inception of and involvement in the project

These pictures are copyrighted Christopher B. Gaynor, 2011

You may feel free to download them for PERSONAL, non-commercial use only.
And of course, a Very Grateful THANK YOU to brother Christopher Gaynor for these great shots. As usual, click on the Thumbnail to see the FULL sized pic, whether or not you want to download it. I did not have the heart to "Trim them down" So, they are large files.

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The Vashon Scouot Master, Tanner Means and his Dad.
Tanner lit the spark in Chris which eventually led
to his idea for this project

Dr. Bruce Haulman, Museum Trustee,
Chair of Special Exhibits. Author, Historian,
And all around Gentleman. His fine eye,
research and expertise were ivaluable in turning an idea
into an effective and coherent exhibit. And he knows how
to fill a sandbag and build a bunker!

Verna Everitt, who wrote a wonderful article
about the project for the Vashon Beachcomber

I believe Chris said this gentleman is
the Editor of the Vashon Beachcomber

These 2 are Ross and Sophie, of Dig Vashon. They
supplied the sand for the sandbags

Royce another trustee of the Museum involved in the project
at the dig

Royce and Barbara Steen with sandbag
filling crew.Building an exhibit.

Royce and Bruce buildin the interactive map, part of the display

Royce, Bruce, getting ready to hang the map

Ross, Bruce and Elizateth (Vice Cdr, Am Legion Vashon) hangin the map

The sandbag wall of the 'Hootch" in construction

The crew measuring,and bringing the display together

Bruce sweepin up 'round the other side of the sandbag wall by hootch. Gettin ready for opening night.

Someone's Doggie checkin up to make sure the crew is gettin done right.They are.

This is the cot in "The hootch" Displayed are - a 1968 Army Issue folding Cot like used back then. Mosquito Netting to 'secure' the cot and the 'trooper' against the B-52 "StratoFortress" sized Mosquitos there. A canteen, cup and cover, Chris' Ashai Pentax Camera used to take all the Vietnam "Tour" photos displayed. A Vietnam War helmet and 'camouflage cover' some of his letter "hard copies' (in longhand script) and what appears to be an AN/PRC (PRIC 25) Radio. An FM back pack style carried by members of FO (Forward Observer) Team RTOS (Radio Telephone Operators), and the infantry they or other maneuver units they went out into the 'bush' with. The object under the cot- I can't tell for sure, but it looks around the size of what MIGHT BE a Military Issue Field Telephone.I'll probably get and post a clarification on that later from Sgt. Chris.

Now the display is up. This Name card for the display is the first part of the display guests see as they enter.

The opening Ceremony of the Exhibit. SgtMikie & SgtChris. I was proud and honored to stand with my combat brother, Chris in honor of VASHON-MAURY ISLAND'S Vietnam Fallen. Chris read the 12 names, a moment of silence was observed by all, and those in uniform - Presented Arms in their honor. Very Moving.

The 12 Vashon-Maury Men we honored. Only one photo not available. Still hoping to find and display that one at some later date. Barbara Steen,museum trustee and volunteer on the right.

The Last part of the Exhibit Opening Ceremony. On behalf of the VASHON-MAURY ISLAND Heritage Museum, Sgt. Chris accepts a Plaque from Paul Whitfield, presented on behalf of the "Washington General's Association".

A closer view of the plaque. This DEMONSTRATES that Vietnam Veterans have been and STILL ARE committed to Remembering, HONORING, and advocating for ALL America's Heroes, ALIVE and Deceased, and their Families, and loved ones.

The FAMILIAR FOCUS 3. Sgt. Chris knew 2 of them, one by contact after WIA. One because I also knew him and we were ALL friends. We Honor ALL of them along with our other brothers who gave ALL!

General Joe and Paul Whitfield, viewing the "Wall of Honor" of Vashon's Fallen.

Author and historian, Museum trustee Jeanne Findlay in front of Chris' Display.

We were ALL honored with a visit by "Roll of honor" Veteran of the U.S. Navy, Linda Allen. Looking to update more info from her later.

Vice Commander Elizabeth (sorry, lost her last Name, more on that later, perhaps. Commander Paul whitfield, VFW/AM Legion, and Linda Allen, Vietnam ERA Rol of honor member, U.S. Navy. (Note at Chris' and Bunny (Wife of One of our KIA's request --- trimmed them out of this pic.) The background is a Monitor playing a slideshow of the 220 photos Chris put on DVD, NOT on display, Proceeds of which will go to a fund to benefit veterans. HEY! It's ONLY TEN BUCKS, AND YOU GET A GREAT FEELING AND SOME GREAT PICS!

Sgt Chris and Bob Pederson, (One of our Soui-Tre Heroes) saying a one on one "Howsy" and thanks for coming.

Our honored Guests perusing the display.

Foreground: Barbara Steen and a friend. Background, guests enjoying the hootch part of the display.

A Dad educating his son in Vashon History?

A Mom and son viewing the Vashon "Wall of Remembrance"?

The "Hootch" part of the display

A different angle of the hootch

Right foreground: General Joe. Background: more visitors to the hootch

Foreground: SgtChris visiting with a 1st Cav Grunt veteran. Right background: Paul Whitfield

Sgt Chris still chattin with The "Cav" representative.

"Through the wire" A guest in the hootch

Phil Volker taking a break by the DVD display

Phil signing something

Chris' Partner Paul Chen answering Questions of guests in the hootch display.

Another guest in the hootch.

Chris' Dear friend Kathleen Hypatia Roan soothing the pain that is sometimes present in a Soldier's Memories

Museum trustee, Author, Historian, Jeanne Findlay

General Joe Checking out the Museum. A TRUE officer and Gentleman. A soldier's soldier. Korea, and 3 tours in Vietnam, one of them with the 25th ("Tropic Lightning") Division

General Joe and SgtChris in front of the interactive map of Vietnam.

Foreground: Paul Whitfield, SgtChris,and Bob Pederson. Background: Royce, Phil Volker, Bruce, and SgtMikie

I think this is a friend of Chris' named Truman. I think he may have been a VN Chopper Pilot.

Right Foreground: Tanner Means Chatting with guests. Left background: Paul Whitfield

A couple of guys enjoying the exhibit

Paul Whitfield, and his Vice-Commander,and a guest.

I'm signing the remembrance book at the wall of remembrance for the Vashon KIA's.

More of our guests in the hootch.

Another shot of our guests viewing the display inside the "Hootch"

Some of our Guests at the DVD show.

More visitors looking at the display

Visitors viewing the big wall of the hootch

A fellow Veteran visiting the hootch

Chris' Partner Paul Chen answering Questions on the pics and letters in the hootch

Brother Bob Pederson and an elderly Gentleman looking at the map

Left of the pole - Tanner Means talking with some of the visitors

One of the VFW or American Legion Members Viewing

A couple of visitors viewing "The wall of Honor"

SgtChris, Paul Chen, Paul Whitfield

Maybe a Parent Enhancing a child's knowledge of History?

SgtChris and General Joe by the doorway of the "hootch"

More of our guests and the hootch

Still visiting the display.

Bruce in the Office Doorway

A family helping the younguns' awareness of history?

Barbara Steen, one of the trustees of the museum talkin to ?

Brother Bob Pederson reading Chris' letters home and lookin at the pics.

Brother Bob Still Looking. There was a LOT of stuff arranged into a fairly small space.

Brother Chris with a Navy Sub veteran. I think they met there.

Chris and Paul's friend Carla talking with a friend and resting. She is a very nice lady, and a NEW Washington State Resident, waiting on her house to be ready for move-in. Hopefully, moved in as I write this.

Tanner Means and Chris in front of the hootch doorway.

L. to R. - Vice Commander, Elizabeth, Paul Whitfield, Linda Allen (Navy VN Era Roll of honor Veteran), The DVD slide show. The end of the Arm is Sgt Chris, sitting down takin a break.

Barbara Steen and Phil Volker talking with one of the VSO Members visiting the Display.

SgtMikie & SgtChris. STILL CRAZY - After these years! Still Brothers!

Sue Nebecker (Museum trustee/volunteer, I think) Chris' Partner, Paul Chen.Paul catered the DELICIOUS refreshments for the opening/reception/ceremony! The place smelled like a "Fine Dining Restaurant"

I'm coming out of the hootch. Tanner and some other visitors are still in there. Guess I had to go potty, or something.

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