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Sgt. Chris' HHB, '67 -68 Album

Former Sgt. Chris Gaynor Brothers, this is Page 2 of a BIG one! I think at last count, there were something approaching 400 pics in it. So - It will be an ongoing process for a while, with some of them added at a time, because I have other projects I'm working on also. Including 180+ pics donated by former B Battery "Boat Trooper" Ken Klauser. So - check back in once in a while, and see what's New.
THIS PAGE Is ALL Out on Operations stuff, and scenery we saw getting to the FSBs, and of course the stuff that went on there. But of course, HHB, is not ALL it shows. Also, MANY of these troopers, we still do NOT REMEMBER their names, and we would appreciate it if YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, or KNOW/RECOGNIZE any of them, you would contact me by E-mail. Our goal of course for ALL these pictures on ALL OF THESE ALBUMS - is to eventually have ALL our BROTHERS IN ARMS identified, which of course makes the history more complete, and thus, more dynamic for us all! So, please do your best not to just CRUISE OR SKIM - PARTICULARLY if you were in HHB,FROM 1967 - 1968.

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Carried this over from Jun '67. to keep
The rows even. This is another closer shot
of a convoy near Tay Ninh

George and Mikie buildin the crew bunker.
George sitting. The "Cherrie" diggin. Jul '67

This is a CIDG guard post outside DT village. We passed it on convoy goin out. Jul '67

This is Me, George and some of the gang. Just arrived at a FSB, waiting for position where to put our new home. SHEESH! What a mud hole! Jul '67

The track on the tractor trailer rig was hit in an attack on the front of this jul '67 convoy, near DT. There was a village across the river, and around a bend in the road that was notorious for causing 3/4 ID, and 3/25 ID trouble. It was destroyed several times. That I got from Sgt. Chris.

This is a shot of locals separating and spacing rice plants. On convoy, jul '67

This one is an Infantry patrol heading out from one of our FSBs. Jul '67

Crossing the Song Saigon River, edge of DT village. Mikie is talkin to the kid. Approx. Aug '67

Mikie and Chris chillin in a Jeep at FSB. He thinks I was pinning "ears" on him. It was actually a 'peace' sign. Aug '67

A "Triple Deuce" Mech Infantry Squad on their track, Sep '67

Triple Deuce Tracks at FSB. Sep '67

Another Highway to a FSB on convoy, Sep '67

Sgt. Chris driving in convoy on an operation, Sep '67

Convoy with 2/22 Mech. Thru Michelin Rubber Plantation. Sep '67

Another convoy to FSB. But check out the cool classic truck on left. Sep '67

This is the same convoy as the one with the great lookin old truck. Sep '67

Helicopters are always in and out of FSB's. Sep '67

Another convoy to another spot in the "Danger Zone" Sep '67

A close up of our FSB home. And how we got water early on. Later, we learned to put "blast wall" in front of the opening, and a grenade sump behinid it. Sep '67

Infantry Patrol. Sep '67

Infantry Patrol briefing. Our rig on the left. Hmmm. Much of the time, we were close to the TOC/FDC Bunker for ease of them getting our messages. Sep '67

Out on another operation. Sep '67

Looks like an infantry briefing just inside the treeline. The guy standing at right looks like a "Kit Carson Scout" Sep '67

Another Great convoy shot, Sep '67

Airstrip, staging for an Airmobile insertion to a FSB. Sep '67

This is a pretty good shot of our Office. Notice the field shower? 'course we didn't always have enough water for showers. Sep '67

A Triple Deuce squad preparing to leave this FSB, Sep '67

Couldn't find any October Pics. Gotta dig around more, maybe. These are 82mm Mortar fins we dug out of their impact craters after a pretty heavy mortar attack. Notice the bullet holes in the door? Nov '67

A 242 ASH (Medium) chopper Co. "Mule Skinner" loadmaster, snapped while watchin his load hangin. Nov '67

Here's a shot of some of our knobs, bells and whistles in our "Office" The reddish glow is the blackout conditions light.

A beautiful sunrise or set at one of our FSBs. Nov '67

Chinook Crew Chief Nov. '67

If this is not THE classic battery fire mission shot of all time, I'd say it is in the running! Nov '67

Another shot of the Cao Dai Temple Tay Ninh, Nov. '67

Convoy thru a village by the Ben Cui Rubber Plantation

A couple of destroyed Vehicles. Don't know what the larger one in front WAS, but the one in back was of course a jeep trailer. Nov. '67

A direct Mortar Hit the enemy scored on the roof of one of our bunkers. Nov. '67

Wonder why these Mech guys named their track "I'm a believer?" SHEESH! Nov. '67

One of commo's KIA's. Richard Thomas Jackson, 1/6/68. RIP, Rich. Gettin a shave, Nov. '67

Another vehicle with "Owies" Nov. '67

Mikie (Left) and some guys wonderin who and how is gonna git our office outta the ditch, and Mikie how the steengkeeng heck it getted there??!! Nah, it weren't me what done it! Nov. '67

More Mortar Attack souveniers. Pretty soon, we all hadda start deciding which were the best ones,and throw the rest away, too steengkeeng many, hahahaha!

Another stop for the Road Show of death by hot lead. Nov '67

Some more of our RATT Rig's "Owies" before we taped over them with yep, you guessed it - OD "duck tape" Light discipline, dontcha know! Nov. '67

More shots of locals. Tay Ninh, Nov. '67

This humble lookin pile of rags and steel will be someone's Home Sweet Home in mere hours. Nov. '67

More visits from the CIDG. Nov '67

This is some aerial action above DT Base. Through the view slit of a Perimeter Bunker. Probly a Counter-Mortar Huey Cobra. Dec '67

The Door Gunner on a Muleskinner being alert. Dec '67

A Meeting being held at FSB GRANT during what I called "Operation Prairie Fire" Looks like it was BEFORE the big fire. Dec '67

An Officer's Latrine, FSB Grant. The fire had barely started. Dec. '67

FSB Grant, Left Center, the tracked ammo carriers of 3/13 FA, "The Clan" Dec. '67

Smoke and Fire at GRANT. The FSB had begun to tear down and some units had already left for their next location

Trucks at GRANT, A.K.A - Loc Ninh, Dec '67

This is me at Loc Ninh. In between runnin back and forth to keep ahead of the flames and smoke. Guess I was wonderin where to run to next. Dec '67

The smoky aftermath of the fire. Guess ALL the grass didn't get burneded up. Sure looked like it at first, though. But those itty bitty shoots in that pic were 6+ foot Kunai Grass when we arrived. Dec '67

A Muleskinner Loadmaster overseeing his/Chris's load on the way to Soui-Tre. For some reason, Chris and another RATT team went there with one of the firing batteries. HHB, being decimated, went to DT along with C Battery, to RE-EQUIP and go out again. Dec. '67

Vietnamese version of a Christmas tree, maybe? Dec '67

One angle of what Christmas in a bunker on a FSB, (Soui-Tre) looked like. Dec '67

Another angle of Xmas at Soui Tre. Dec '67

This is Sgt. Chris at Soui-Tre. It was his last FSB before he went on 30 day stand down prior to DEROS. DEC '67

Guess Chris and the other team stopped off at Tay Ninh on the way back to DT from Soui Tre. This is the Barber at Tay Ninh, who they found out later was VC when he turned up dead after the action there. Funny, same thing at DT, later on. Dec '67

Looks like Downtown Tay Ninh, from Convoy, Jan '68

More Tay Ninh. Jan '68

A truck driver meeting, Tay Ninh. 28 Jan '68. Which means the convoy was probably about to beat feets back to DT, to be ready for the start of Tet, in case the rumors about a possible attack on DT came true.

Well, that takes care of Chris' photos from the boat till Jan '68. Actually, he did not get a 30 day stand down. This next section will show his DEROS path from DT, to Cu-Chi, (Because TET was in pretty much full swing), then to Long Binh, and finally to Bien Hoa Airbase, where he got on the "FREEDOM BIRD" to Oakland.

Cu-Chi. The 25th ID ("Electric Strawberry") patch and aloha sign. Probably at the Division Personnel office, and a truckload of G.I's, presumably also there for Out-Processing to HOME!!! Feb '68

The convoy carryin the lucky troopers of 25 ID who are headed through Saigon on the way to Long Binh for final out processing Feb '68

Some of the sights seen on the ride from Cu-chi through Saigon, to Long Binh. Check that Cherry '56 Plymouth? Feb '68

More Saigon scenery. Feb '68

More great Saigon sites, Feb '68

Saigon Outdoor/sidewalk cafe, Feb '68

This looks like a marketplace in Saigon. Feb '68

More Saigon Stuff. Feb '68

More Saigon scenery, Feb '68

This is the ride to catch the bus to Long Binh. Feb '68

The bus ride to Long Binh. Feb '68

Another shot on the Bus to Long Binh. 6 Feb. '68

One more Long Binh bus ride shot. Feb '68

Chris and the DEROS GANG haulin into Long Binh. Feb '68

Very Happy Troopers climbing the stairs to Champagne, Yummies, and Home. Maybe a stop over in Honolulu for refuelling? Feb '68

From inside the Freedom Bird. The smoke in the distance is TET goin on in the distance. Feb 68

From the inside again. More Tet in the distance. Feb 68
This next section shows photos of Chris's R & R. He went to Tokyo. Very popular.

May '67 R&R holding point prior to embarking

May '67 on the way to R & R Thon San Nhut passenger Terminal

Some of the Saigon Scenery on the way to R & R. May '67

More Thon San Nhut Scenery, R & R.

A scenic shot of Tokyo, R & R, May '67

River or Canal in Tokyo. May '67 R & R

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