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From The 77th FA Regiment Association


And, --- DUH!!!! That is why we fought for you. And our brotherhood

Troopers, Soon, I will find an example of the fact that your BROTHERS IN ARMS DID NOT FORGET YOU AT FIRST. They did indeed, think about you often, as you

No matter how hard you tried to forget them, 'cuz you promised you would, or

they tried to forget you for those first few months, with no distractions, you/they

were on their minds almost as much as they were on YOURS. Admit, it, be glad for it, and it JUST IS WHAT IT WAS, AND WHAT IT IS!!!

Hopefully, you will find this Marquee of "CHRISTMAS, VIETNAM" Interesting

And it is of course, 100% Historical


***Public Service Message***

To our Veterans, AND ALL VISITORS of this Site. Do NOT DIAL AREA CODES 809, 284, or 876!!! They are all part of SCAMS TO GET YOUR MONEY, By preying on your concern for family members that they try to tell you are hurt, jailed,or that you may have won some sort of fabulous prize. They can cost you as much as $2425.00/Minute. And getting resolution or REFUND is a NIGHTMARE.----So, Forewarned is FORE-ARMED. Be VERY SUSPICIOUS, and just DON'T DIAL THEM!

***Public Service Message***

To our Veterans, AND ALL VISITORS of this Site. THERE IS A POSSIBLE SCAM in the area of representing Veterans in their quest to obtain Veteran's Benefits. For a more complete version of the exact profile, Click VA Warning Letter VA WARNING LETTER A page will load with more complete information. Do a friend a favor, and forward to them, also, Please.


Okay, Here are the 77FA Regimental Colors

In the Holiday spirit of giving, serving and helping, check the banner below, please

Above Photo: Courtesy of Bob "Doc" Bosma's site


For their excellent contribution to the mission of TF-2-28 on their recent rotation to OIF, Iraq! We of the 77FA Association SALUTE you! And feel great pride that the tradition of excellence we have enjoyed in the past is in excellent, capable hands TODAY!


And --- Thank you for your service


Wanna See the 2010 Reunion PICS?


"Rock 'N Roll With C-Battery, 2/77FA, (Pre - Post Battle for FSB BURT, Late Dec. '67 - Late Jan '68) There is also some footage of DT Base Camp. Don't know if it is Before or after the Battle. Thanks Much to Ignatious "Iggy" Castaldo for this Contribution!
The First one, listed below is a smaller, shorter version. Actually, it is one of 2 Smaller, shorter versions. It should open with REAL PLAYER, or Windows Media Viewer. But I had some trouble with my Real player. Windows Media player worked fine. GO FULL SCREEN, AS IT ZOOMS IN CLOSE, AND YOU ARE THERE There will also be some great stills showing up on "Iggy's Album" later on.

There are 3 Versions of the video. URL's listed Below:
Smallest one first. For People with SMOKIN FAST INTERNET, The Biggie, last


Short 1


Short 2




FIRST - Highlight and copy the url of the version you want to watch
(You can right click and then click copy link)

NEXT - open your windows media viewer

NEXT - Click on file, scroll down to open url, and click that.

NOW - paste in the url of the file, copied from this page, and click Okay.

THIS may be different on your Windows Media Viewer - But mine went to
Library automatically, and I had to click Now Playing on the top window bar to see
the clip when it started playing

NO offense intended to all you 'PUTER GEEKS Out there! It just that some of our veterans are not that heavy into computers yet, and can use a little help on how to get that thing fired up. Plus, the process was a little weird even for me. At first, the darn links pulled up my animation editor, no good for viewing. It MAY work now, to just click the link to the one you want to watch, 'cuz I just noticed that the icons have changed to WMV icons. Maybe worth a shot.

Former Sgt. Christopher Gaynor's VN Slide Show

There is some stuff that is the same in both parts. Will try to edit them later, Slow work on old 'puter. Hang in there. There are meanwhile, some great scenes of fire missions, air strikes, and the "Crusaders/Blackhawks" doin an Eagle flight.

----------1987 ----Missouri--------

Robert, A.K.A "Doc" Bosma formed the 77th FA Regiment Association. That was 10 YEARS BEFORE I started the INFORMAL 2/77FA (VN) ASSN. (Which was essentially just a web-site) And so it continued,,,,till "Doc's" health started to suffer, to the point where he felt FOR THE GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION he needed to ask for help.Nothin wrong there. Knowing how we COMBAT TROOPERS Cannonize our Beloved Medics --- By ALL, (Officers get wounded, too) --- in the Greatest brotherly Love and utmost RESPECT for Doc and all the hard work he had done, some 77FA veterans "Stepped up" to answer his call. (NOT ALL WERE FORMER OFFICERS. Jack Parr is a former sp/5) ALL wanted to help and it has been proven to me, a former BUCK SARGE --- by both word and ACTION (the only TRUE PROOF of a bunch of yadda yadda) -----ANYONE CAN BLOW 98.6 DEGREE air the fact that they CHALLENGED ME TO PROVE THEM REAL BY THEIR ACTIONS AND STOOD THE TEST ---- (EVEN THOUGH I NEVER HAD ANY PARTICULAR PROBLEMS WITH OFFICERS/VERSUS ENLISTED MEN SYNDROME) ---2010 ----- THESE fine troopers have proved to me, that they are precisely what they said they were - former Troopers and STILL Troopers who just wanted to help. To ensure that a valuable American Institution did not die on the vine. They not only rolled up their Financial, but their "cotton" sleeves also and went to work to make SURE that did NOT happen. Though I DID hear that one, or some expressed some frustration with things as they had been, and had perhaps been less than DIPLOMATIC/RESPECTFUL in the manner in which it was expressed ----ALL, have continually assured me, and put the ACTION behind their words to PROVE IT ---- Robert "Doc" Bosma WILL ALWAYS BE VENERATED AND RESPECTED AS THE SPARK, FOUNDER, AND FOR YEARS UPON YEARS, THE CONTINUING IMPETUS AND PRIME MOVER OF THE 77TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT ASSOCIATION.----They ALL Love Doc, even the one who he originally felt hurt him. I heard it STRAIGHT FROM THAT PERSON'S MOUTH AT THE REUNION. Further evidence of that is that when they began an 'outreach' to "Sgt.Mikie" - TO temporarily share our web space with them to communicate, which I was glad to do, still am - When I in the process of discoursing back and forth, etc. - honestly mentioned my personal frustration from time to time with the fact that 'Doc' often did not even answer my e-mails, and when he did, seemed to just tell me how it was gonna be, and sometimes I felt it was all geared towards the 1/77FA - As a reason why I had NOT, to date come under the "Umbrella" Organization, fearing in some way, a loss of Autonomy, and unit identity, They said things to soothe MY frustrations, in defense of Doc, and gave explanations for why he could not always respond to me, and the 2/77 veterans concerns. They HELPED me understand the situation, and THUS, drew me in to the The Cruciality (ha, is that even a WORD?) OF the entire group of 77th FA veterans coming together and continuing the preservation of the history, and especially the preserving of the NEW HISTORY being created by our once again ACTIVE Battalions, and of course supporting them in their mission.


They asked ME, as they Asked/Ask YOU for a CHANCE. I Gave it to them, and I was NOT ONLY not disappointed, I was AMAZED, and Gratified!!! I Went there, and with the eyes of a COMBAT VETERAN, I looked directly into the eyes of FELLOW COMBAT VETERANS, and I saw the truth!
These are REAL people! They are Combat veterans, who CARED about their troopers THEN, (at least some of them are FORMER ENLISTED MEN THEMSELVES) And ALL they are doin NOW is the very same thing. Carin 'bout their fellow troopers! And the continuation of that caring, support, etc. SHOULD Give them a chance. I did, and I thank the General in the Sky that I did. I went there, and saw them humpin 'puter equipment, etc. Ice tubs, boxes full of liquor and beer, etc. all in preparation for their DESIRE that YOU and any and ALL other attendees have the best possible experience. They were doin "Grunt work" God Bless 'em, hahahaha.Iknow I helped them with some of it. NOT a single one of them ever looked at me and said "Sgt. ---this grunt work is for YOU" THESE ARE THE GUYS WHO LIKELY HELPED BUNKER IN WHEN THEIR TEAM (MAIN-EE OF THEM WERE FO'S --- ) SETTLE IN FOR THE NIGHT, WHEREVER THEY WERE. ----TELLIN YA GUYS, I'D BET MONEY ON IT1

----Bottom Line 2 ----

These guys are "Joe Average" veterans! They do not even mention, and likely do NOT even think that much 'bout their "Major-dom" or "Colnel-dom" etc. Not a SINGLE ONE of them ever said a 'snooty' word to me or any of the other former enlisted men there. They openly 'shared' their stories, and listened with REAL interest to ours.
That having been said --- let's jump to the meat of the matters at hand - NOW.

Round Rock, Texas, Sep.,2010.
THE REVIVAL OF THE 77TH FA Regiment Association

Reunion AND

Membership Meeting

Sep. 20 - Well, Troopers, it is IN THE BOOKS NOW!

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of what YOU missed if you couldn't make it ----

FOR NOW,THIS IS THE 77FA Regt. Assn. Bulletin Board So, check it out now and then!
And of COURSE - With a whole Year to start your planning - We ALL look forward to seeing YOU in

Colorado NEXT YEAR, S E P. - 8, 9, & 10 where the 2nd Bn. 77th FA (Active) will be hosting!
DETAILS HERE AS THEY BECOME CLEAR! And of course, YOU being there to help us share and ADD to Memories that will positively enhance the Rest of our lives! I know I had an AWESOME time! And I wish to thank the entire Association for that. I met some OUTSTANDING troopers, and I've now got more BROTHERS than I knows fer sure what to do with, hahahaaha! That is not a complaint - I'll finger it out!

Thursday Sep. 16 --- "Early Birds" arrived, at the SLEEP INN in Red Rock.

Of course they were most of the Officers "Pro-tem" to begin prepping for the arrival of the other attendees. So, there were informal 'meetings' for the purposes of coordinating the activities on the OFFICIAL itinerary. They checked out the rooms, and did the biz of settlin into theirs,too.
At this point - I hope I speak for ALL the attendees, when I say that the SLEEP INN people were just AWESOME to us. We will get them a Certificate of Appreciation for treating us ABOVE AND BEYOND our Expectations, and doing so many things to make our stay in their beautiful, comfy rooms as pleasantly memorable as they were able. They were as far as I could see - so friendly, and mutually respectful, and just generally the "New Friends" they did NOT have to be! So, if you were there and you agree, the address above should lead you to the site where you could give them your own PERSONAL SHOUT OUT! In recognition!
I personally got to meet, and put faces with the names of some of my new brothers I had seen and wondered 'bout in e-mails. And sorry if I get the positions a little off. Chalk it up to what one attendee appropriately called a "10 second Memory."

John Avera,- President
Jim Bowers - Secretary
Mike Maynard - 2nd Vice President
Jack Parr - 1st Vice President
Fred Taylor - Treasurer
My personal THANKS AND GRATITUDE to The above individuals, and any I may have temporarily forgotten - For all their hard work and LOVE they put into making sure this Reunion would be the very GOODEST they could make it for ALL who attended! ---OOH-RAH! And Marines are not, nor were they EVER the only branch of the military who use that phrase! And a personal thank you also to ALL the troopers who as they showed up, rolled up their sleeves and their mental sleeves, and in any way they were able, pitched in to help out, all with the same goal makin it as good for EVERYONE in attendance as possible!

Friday, Sep. 17- More arrivals, of course. For the most part, the Official Itinerary was pretty well adhered to.
Jim Bowers workin his tail feathers to bluntness on Name Tags, Meal tickets, sign-in sheets, and 'bout a hunnert other things to keep the show movin forward. And all the other guys mentioned above, workin hard at their particular areas of responsibility/and expertise toward the SAME Goal. Everyone helpin everyone else to attend to all the myriad details.
Of course when a group of brothers in arms gets together, the HAPPY HOUR portion of the itinerary is BOUND to get started mebbe jus' a LEETLE bit ahead of the actual schedule, hahaha! And there is with all that "brain oil" flowin -- LOTS of sharing of Tall Tales, and True ones, brotherly love, and the absolutely necessary PHOTOS.
A note on this - of COURSE there were photos taken of almost everything! Speakin for himself - Sgt Mikie was gratified that THIS TIME - it was decided to correct former oversites by keeping a log of all the names in ALL the pics. And as they become available, Sgt. Mikie in the interim period of say a month or 2, till the NEW SITE is fired up, will compile and post a photo album, so that you attendees will have memory boosters of all the FUN you had, and you troopers who need an INCENTIVE to join up, and SUIT UP AND SHOW up in COLORADO next year will have that!
Also will be a list as complete as we can make it - of the Attendees posted.
And photos, Sgt Mikie is grateful to have some new photos pertaining to the history, previously WOEFULLY incomplete - of the 6th Bn's stay in Vietnam. Along with a pretty good narrative ot the same. That is a big THANK YOU and a shout out to Juan Garcia, who was with the 6th. And on either on this site, or the NEW site - More of the pics that somehow did not get posted prior. And I saw some of them. For one, Mike Maynard had a great album, which will definitely provide priceless history and memories for many of you!

Saturday, Sep. 18, ---
The schedule was again pretty well adhered to.
---10:00AM Or thereabout

-------Havin been given copies of BOTH by the ever hard workin Jim Bowers, the Qualified voting membership having FIRST considered how YOU as members would probably like them to vote after perusing both, Voted to
ACCEPT both. That is partially because you have to HAVE a Constitution & By-Laws, before you can change them. The next vote was to make a few changes, which will be reflected in information forthcoming to you all via this web site, or other communication means. I believe one of the changes, was to change the number of VICE PRESIDENTS FROM 2, to 3, to provide for better continuity in the case of something happened that prevented either the President, or any of his VICE PRESIDENT'S from being able to continue in their elected job. It was also established that the positions of 1st and 2nd VICE PRESIDENTS would be filled now, and the 3d VICE next year at the business meeting portion of the Colorado Reunion. Unless, for some reason - it should become necessary to do it sooner. In such case, there would be emergency measures instituted to solve the problem. There were some fairly minor language changes, to clarify the Constitution and By-Laws also.
Any 77FA Regt. Assn. Trooper who views the constitution and has recommendations for changes, may submit them to the President, or one of the other Officers, who will then make sure they are also presented to the troopers for perusal.
BUT, you MUST be a paid active member, or LIFE MEMBER to be able to vote on those that the others in membership approve to be voted on at that meeting. There MAY be some provisions for E-Ballots upcoming. Not sure 'bout that, but stay tuned, in case. We all did our GOODEST to make this YOUR Association, as well as ours. Your participation is not only vital, but in such matters of these, just like Citizenship ----REQUIRED for the absolute BEST reflection of the desires and needs of the ASSOCIATION as a whole! So, you are honestly encouraged to become ACTIVE and MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN to your Officers! They are YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS. And they desire only to make YOUR Association Reflect YOU!
It was decided that because The Current Officers who were elected PRO-TEM, to get the Assn. moving forward - are familiar with all the ins and outs of it, they will continue to serve through these last few months of
"TRANSITION" and in that time, work with the new officers to help them fit more smoothly and comfortably into their new positions. This so that like any good trooper, they will be able to "Hit the ground running" when it is their time.
Now, I are going from Memory,so 'pologies if I get some of this wrong. It will be made clear to me, and I will Immediately post any corrections needed.
ONE MORE VITAL POINT For those of us/you who are PROUD to see the Regiment being Re-activated at least SOME OF IT to help out with America's current war -- DOD has informed us, through our LIASON OFFICERS that IN FACT, the fact that a Regiment has an
ACTIVE ASSOCIATION DOES indeed make a difference in whether or not the Regiment remains active on at least some level. Along with Battle/Campaign Streamers, Valorous Unit Awards, and Presidential Unit Citations, etc. The Army/DOD, logically wants to keep the VERY GOODEST units continually providing the services they need to provide to America's exercise of foreign Policy. So, for those of you/us who desire for those who must go help out with our wars to be in one of the BEST FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENTS IN THE U.S. ARMY, and thus stand a gooder chance of surviving,that is hopefully another reason to "Join up" and get active on some, ANY level! You want to "support our troops?" $20.00/year or $100/Life Membership will do it.
We also have an Association Newsletter planned. Hopefully, it will be posted on the Web Site, available for download, and mailed out to those of you who do not do computers. Most want to have information on what is going on in the Association and with the Active duty units, and in 6,sections. One for each battalion that constitutes or did contstitute the Regiment. And of course your ability to contribute war stories, historical stuff, and views/opinions, photos, etc. You know, like a NEWSLETTER DOES.

PRESIDENT --- Paige Lanier. (Also Liason to 2/77FA Active in CO.)

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT ---Mike Maynard, I think



TREASURER ---Fred Taylor


APPOINTED/SELECTED POSITIONS: These include, but MAY NOT be limited to, Additional Active Liason Officers, and Membership/Recruiting People, various committee members, etc. (such as Beverage, billeting of attendees, ground transportation to/from Airports/meeting locations, etc.

Membership/Recruiting --- John Chavarria

Membership/Recruiting AZ --- Mike Pectol

-------Also, the location for the NEXT YEAR Reunion/Meeting was discussed, as noted. Colorado was chosen, because 2/77FA Active will not deploy to Afghan again till '12. And they have expressed a desire to host us. We jus' cain't get a gooder deal than that, ya think? We the ACTIVE, VOTING MEMBERSHIP --- thunk so, on YOUR behalf, and ours. We ALL tried to vote not only for what WE wanted, but to honestly look in our hearts and vote for what YOU might have thunk was in your interest and benefit and vote that way, too.

--------THE FUN STUFF------------------

After all that - We got down later on, to the FUN Stuff! The Happy hour, more Meet and Greet, and story/photo sharing, and personal histories, etc.


COL. STEVE HITE, Most recent Past Cdr., 1/77FA (Active), Iraq.

Steve enlightened us with a presentation about the Mission he and his 1/77 troopers were tasked with and Admirably performed in their recent deployment to Iraq as part of OIF. ----OOH-RAH! We were ALL enlightened, and some of us were surprised that though some of the names of the things they did were different, they appeared to be the same function wise as the CAP/MedCap projects, various/and in fact ALL Vietnam Battalions performed in an effort to "Win the hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese Civilian Populace, back "Then" I personally was also struck by his multiple mentions of "Combat Patrols" and the fact that they did not do that much of what normally comes under the Mission statement of Field Artillery. In effect, it seemed to me that they were called upon to remember that All soldiers are trained at least in some situations to be "Riflemen First" Combat Patrols?????? Hmmmmm. Then, by his own Desire/Request, we ALL got the opportunity to shake his hand, and chat with him for a moment or two, and he stayed through the serving of the banquet, EXCELLENT CHOW, TO BE SURE! AGAIN - KUDOWS AND A BIG OOH-RAH! TO THE SLEEP INN PEOPLE WHO "HOOKED US UP" ON THAT SCORE! The chicken, mashed spuds, gravy, etc. was ALL, at least to me, PERFECT. I HATE Rubber chicken skin. It was nice and crisp, and every bit as tasty as the meaty stuff, YUM, YUM, AND YUM! I WAS STUFFED TIGHTER THAN A CHRISTMAS TURKEY WHEN I JUST HADDA QUIT FOR MY OWN GOOD, HAHAHAHAAHA! STEVE Hite - He is as nearly as we could all tell - a sterling Officer, a definite credit to his Generation, the U.S. Army, and the Regiment he served in to continue adding to the history of the U.S. Army and the Regiment. We can all sympathize with his statements about so far not being totally thrilled with drivin a desk after being out there, on the jazz, and doin really beezee, really action oriented stuff to support his troopies, the Army, and the Foreign policy of America abroad. We were ALL I believe engaged by his technical proficiency as a Field Artillery Commander, and his honesty as a Trooper and a Man. GUYS! ----I'm TELLIN YA - ya jus' don't KNOW what you're missin! Come on down to Colorado and SEE! You won't regret it! Yes, your service in Vietnam, and for some other wars may have been some of the WORST times in your life, but seeing the people you shared it with, and who helped make it gooder whenever they could could also turn it into some of the GOODEST times in your life!
Also, on a personal level -- There was the Meet and Greet, and the banquet, and I got to re-visit with some of the troopers I had met earlier, meet some new ones, I want to take this opportunity to thank as many of them as my "10 second memory" will let me. (That saying I believe, is courtesy of Don Fujitani.) Thanks, Don. He extolled the virtues of "Rural Haiwaii" to us. Hell, I theenk I are gonna theenk 'bout movin, hahahahaha! We traded personal histories, stories, assignments, etc. All good stuff. I believe I met and talked with a man who was 90 years old, and a retired col. God, I hope I look HALF that good when I are his age! Tom Lewis, I believe. 'Pologies! I was wrong! Go Figure! it was Col. Harold Smith! DANG! That boy BARELY HAD ANY GRAY HAIRS AT ALL! And, Such a NICE, regular guy sort of man. Not only that, he was not only a 1st Cav. veteran in 'Nam, he was also a fellow "Electric Strawberry" 25th Div. Veteran in Korea and a WWII veteran. TALK about 'Service'
Got to share some time with and Meet Paul Guetter......FO with A/2/22 and Soui Tre veteran. Put a face on those forwards. Fine feller! Thanks for comin and lettin me meet up witcha, Paul!
Saw Waymond (I now call him "deacon") Graham. Shared some pretty good stuff with him, a fellow 2/77 veteran. A/2/77 '68 - '69. Love ya, brother! Got some really good, really long sermons.
I also met a fine "Choctaw" feller, I was wrong. Thanks, Jim for settin me straight. My new Choctaw friend's first name Dwayne, Fowler. I talked with him for a while.
Of course there was Juan Garcia, from Houston, and the 6th Bn, VN. Troopers, you are ALL JUST SO AWESOME! Do you even KNOW????? I do, and I'm tellin ya now.
And Ben Scott. He is gonna be one of the BIGGEST DRIVING/MOTIVATING FORCES in our Recruitment/Reclaiming Campaign coming up to RECLAIM our brothers. He - (You) have some ideas about Public Service messages on TV, that will revolutionize Veteran Association OUtreach! OOH-RAH, brother! We will MOST DEF'NLY BE IN TOUCH FROM NOW ON! DAMN FINE MAN, AS ARE WE ALL!!!!
Also enjoyed meetin Gene Pacinella former Medic with C/2/77 and Soui-Tre veteran. Enjoyed meetin and chattin with ALL the attendees. If I missed anyone, I sure are sorry 'bout that!
Got as mentioned, my turn to chat with Col. Steve Hite. Sterling individual, a perfect example of the high quality of what I tend to call the "New Crop" of veterans. Enjoyed his presentation, and we both sorta agreed, that there were some similarities between what he and 1/77 did in Iraq and the "Medcap" and "CAP"/S-5 missions in Vietnam were geared toward/aiming at. Thanks, much, Steve! I hope you make General, IF you can find a way to remain a WARRIOR, and not succumb to the pressure/etc. to morph from WARRIOR to politician like so many do. God Bless you and the NEW 77TH FA REGT.!!
Boy, there are just TOO STEENGKEENG MAIN-EE FOR NOW. I are planning to retire next year and increase my finances, and plan to come to CO next year. But one thing I are gonna do is bring a blank "Yearbook" and just ask everyone I see again, or meet new to just scribble something in there! Then I won't have to try to remember all this massively worthwhile shit.
Then, of Course, there was the Surprise Presentation of the Certificate of Appreciation to Me! Caught me totally off guard, they did, till just around a minute before the end of the preliminary remarks! My heartfelt THANKS to the Association! Looks Great, and even Gooder sittin here on my desk right now! I are tellin ya, fellow 77th FA Troopers, then and Now,from what-EVER battalion, You are ALL STAND-UP ACES IN MY PERSONAL "BOOK" Shout me up, ANY TIME! YOU WILL ALL EXCITE THE FONDEST MEMORIES IN MY TWISTED, PTSD RIDDLED BRAIN, HAHAHAHAHA! It was a GREAT, long day! Heck, I didn't get to bed till 11:30!
And then,
Sunday, Sep. 19 ---
the Bitter-sweet Goodbyes, till 'next we meet again' An other reason why I personally favor Reunions Every Year! We do NOT get younger, except maybe for Col Lewis hahahahaha!

The Association *NEEDS YOU* To help make it work. Temporarily, for your perusal - I are leaving up the itinerary for the whole sheebang. --




Had Some internet comments in the Guest Book. So, going with the old Addage - "Where there is one, there must be more" --- I am gonna take a STAB at my understanding of what the 77FA Regt. Association site will be. This based on informal discussions with Jim Bowers, Jack Parr, John Avera, Mike Maynard. And finally, back to Jim Bowers. Chad, who I believe is Jack's Son is in the process of getting that set up. It will be an OVERALL site, with sections, or links to all the various Bn Veteran Association Sites, AND for all the ACTIVE BATTALIONS ---- with information pictures, history, etc. They will be relative to that particular Bn, and will likely have the information on the various assignments of the various Bns. We are as a whole a VARIED Regiment, and at various times, during Various Wars, and Conflicts, different Bns served with and were assigned to DIFFERENT Divisions. 1st Cav., 4ID, IIFFV, 196th LIB, 9ID, 25ID,101Abn/Airmobile, etc. And sometimes with DIFFERENT unit designations. So, that will ALL be reflected on the site. Again, there will be either Sections for each Bn veterans and Active Units, which will likely change over time as more Bns are Deployed, or Activated as needed. It is hoped, I believe to have it up and growing in 1, maybe 2 months.




at least part of them are in! CURRENT REUNION PICS


List of Attendees, 77FA Regt. Assn. Reunion, 2010

1. John Avera

2. John Ahearn

3. Steve Batten

4. Jim Bowers

5. Dwayne Fowler

6. Donald Fujitani

7. Juan Garcia

8. Waymond Graham

9. Don Gross

10. Paul Guetter

11. Steve Luba

12. Mike Maynard

13. Jack Morrison

14. Jack Paar

15. Eugene Pacinella

16. Mike Pectol (Sgt Mikie)

17. Benjamin F. (Ben) Scott

18. Col Harold Smith

19. Manning Shuler

20. Fred Taylor

21. Steve Hite (Immediate past Cdr 1/77FA and guest speaker)

And --- Thank you for your service


You can still see the Dusty/Hines reunion pics at ALBUMS



17 Feb. 2005...Uncasing our Colors

17 Feb. 2005..The new HQ sign


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